How to unlock cosmetics in Nintendo Switch Sports

Inside nintendo switch sport, you can customize your characters a lot more than old-school Miis. You can give them unique hairstyles, accessories, and outfits, but you have to unlock them first. Our nintendo switch sport The guide explains how to unlock cosmetics quickly.

You can only buy cosmetics in the “play globallyMode”. Even if you don’t have Nintendo Switch Online, you can play in this mode, but you will only face bots.

Earn points in Nintendo Switch Sports

Every time you play a match, you win 30-40 pointswith different multipliers Added based on the various achievements you earn throughout the game. For example, if you throw a bowling strike, you will get additional multipliers. If you play well and get multiple multipliers, you can earn over 100 points in a single game.

The best way to earn points is bowlingbecause there is a base of 40 points per game and it is the easiest way to earn multipliers. You can get about 130 points if you go to the last round of bowling.

How to unlock cosmetics with points

At 100 points you will receive a random reward, but you can choose from the styles available to decide which set you want to receive as a reward.

Collecting all of the items in a set will award you with a Completion Bonus, which is a special outfit that fits the theme.

Cosmetics come and go in sets. Currently, players have until May 10th to collect items from the Simple Collection and until May 18th to collect items from the Cute Collection. Below you can see the articles of the current collections. Currently, only Nintendo Switch Online users can redeem Simple Collection items.

A simple collection screen in Nintendo Switch Sports showing 12 randomly obtainable items

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

The Cute Collection, a pack of 12 pink and neon colored items that you can obtain in Nintendo Switch Sports

Image: Nintendo via Polygon

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