How to Type an Upside Down Question Mark

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Rarely seen by English speakers and authors, the upside-down question mark (¿) is not an aberration or the evil double of the usual question mark. In fact, ¿ is the question mark used in written Spanish and some other languages ​​that have cultural ties to the Spanish language. The upside-down question mark is used to form interrogative sentences in every language that uses it, and as opposed to its counterpart, the regular question mark, that we all know and love, the question mark. or at the beginning of an interrogative sentence instead of at the end.

Since it is not an English punctuation mark, almost all English-language computer keyboards do not contain ¿. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be written on a computer; Typing ¿ on a computer is not only possible, but also very easy. You can always open them character card On a Windows computer, search for “inverted question mark“, click on to do to select and click it Copy to copy and then paste it where needed, but wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you could write an inverted question mark yourself?

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In any version of the Windows operating system, you can enter an inverted question mark (¿) in three different ways:

Method 1: Enter ¿ with your alt code

On Windows computers, all special characters can be entered with their alt codes, and ¿ is classified as a special character. However, you can write ¿ with your alt code. To do this you must:

  1. Place the cursor where you want to write on the screen to do.
  2. Make sure your keyboard combination lock is enabled, which means you can use the numeric keypad.
  3. Hold down the Miscellaneous key on your keyboard.
  4. With the Miscellaneous long key type 168, 0191 or then 6824 on the number pad (any of the three works fine).
  5. forget it Miscellaneous Key. as soon as you let go Miscellaneous Key, 168 appears where the cursor was.
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Method 2 – Set your computer to use the US international keyboard layout.

Computers support a variety of different keyboard layouts, and one of those keyboard layouts is this US International Keyboard. You can also type ¿ on a computer if you’ve set it up to use US International Keyboard. Although this method works on computers running any version of the Windows operating system, it also works on computers running virtually any other operating system.

After configuring your computer to use US International Keyboard layout you can enter to do long press the gr alt Key (graphic) – that’s what right alt key (the Miscellaneous button to the right of the Place bar) will US International Keyboard layout and input / while holding the button down, release the button after pressing it /.

Method 3: Type ¿ in Microsoft Word

There is a special method that can only be used to type ¿ in any version of Microsoft Word, the most popular word processor for the Windows operating system. To type ¿ in Microsoft Word, you must:

  1. Place the cursor where you want to write on the screen to do.
  2. Hurry STEERING + Miscellaneous + To change + /be sure to press STEERING + Miscellaneous before pressing To change. As soon as you press this key combination in the right order, an inverted question mark (to do) appears in the same place in the Word document where the cursor was.
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