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Exponents are special characters used in mathematical expressions that raise numbers to specific powers. Exponents are used in a variety of fields, not just in high school math textbooks. indeed they have important uses in the practical world. Exponents are often found in business documents, where they are most commonly used in compound interest formulas. In addition, software developers, engineers and scientists often have to involve exponents in their work. Of course, this being the case, it is necessary to be able to write exponents on computers, which is why it is quite possible.

The easiest and most efficient way to type superscript on a computer is to simply use the superscript feature that is built into almost every word processing application (e.g. Microsoft Word). On the other hand, the simplest text editors do not have the exponent function, so there is also a manual method of writing and plotting exponents on computers, although the result of this method looks much less professional and is much less attractive in comparison to the results of the exponent function. You can write an exponent on a computer in two different ways: you can use the exponent function in a word processor, or you can write the exponent and have it clearly represented as an exponent. These are the methods that can be used to write exponents on a computer:

Method 1: Enter an exponent using the exponent function

First, you can use the superscript feature in a word processor such as Microsoft Word to write superscript text on a computer. This is the easiest and most efficient way to write an exponent, and it’s also the way that gives the best results. To enter an exponent using the exponent function, you must:

  1. Throw it away Microsoft Word.
  2. Enter the text or phrase to which the superscript text belongs.
  3. Before entering the exponent, click Exhibitor button on the character font part of home tab of the Microsoft Word toolbar to enable Exhibitor function activated. Alternatively, you can also press STEERING + To change + = to activate it Exhibitor Characteristic. With the Exhibitor When the feature is on, everything you type is written at the top of each line and in a much smaller font than the rest of the text, making the text you type appear superscript.
  4. Write down the exponent Exhibitor function activated.
  5. After entering the exponent, click Exhibitor button on the character font part of home Re-enable the Microsoft Word toolbar tab Exhibitor with special needs. Alternatively, you can also press STEERING + To change + = again to get the same result. disable those Exhibitor ensures that the text you type after superscripting is on the same level and font size as the rest of the text.

The end result of this method actually looks like an exponent when written by hand, which is the main benefit this method offers.

Method 2: Manually enter an exponent and represent it as one

If you need to type an exponent somewhere on a computer that doesn’t support or doesn’t have that Exhibitor Feature, fear not, you can always write an exponent. You just have to make sure that the exponent you enter is represented as an exponent with special symbols. To use this method of writing an exponent on a computer, you must:

  1. Place the mouse pointer on your screen where you want to enter the exponent.
  2. Hurry To change + 6 write on the Care symbol (^). Alternatively, you can also press To change + 8th twice to meet two asterisk (*). Both options respond to qualifications: wherever it occurs, the number immediately following it is understood to be the exponent of the text preceding the symbol(s).
  3. Write the exponent immediately after the symbols.

The end result of this method is not as professional or clean as the end result of the Exhibitor Functionality, but writing an exponent and using a special symbol to make sure it’s represented is more than enough to get the job done.

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