How to Save Profile Picture of Someone in Discord?

Discord is a free group chat platform originally developed for gamers. It is used by millions of people around the world for gaming and other communities. Every user on Discord has a profile picture called an avatar. You can view other people’s avatars by clicking their icons. However, the image will be quite small and Discord doesn’t offer a way to save other users’ avatars. There are other methods that can be used to save someone’s profile picture on Discord. In this article, we will show you methods to save or view any user’s profile picture on Discord.

Save profile picture to Discord

1. Save the profile picture to Discord using the Peek feature

This method can be used without a bot or server. All you have to do is view the user’s profile to get their profile picture. You can use the Inspect Element feature in the Discord app to view the HTML. This feature makes it easy to grab any image available on Discord. You can follow the steps below to see how the inspection item works on Discord:

  1. open your discord the application by double-clicking the shortcut or searching for it using the Windows search function.
    note: You can also just open it in your browser.
  2. Now go to the server or friends list and click on theirs profile icon. Now click on the show profile that appear in the profile picture.
    Open a user’s profile
  3. Press the Ctrl key + Press Shift + I together on your keyboard to open the Check the Articles section in the Discord app.
  4. Click now Select an item icon (mouse pointer with box) above. Then click the profile pic user again.
    Profile picture selection in Inspect Element
  5. In HTML code extend to find the value of the class URLs of the image Copy it URLs of the image and open it in the browser.
    Find Image URL
  6. Now you can just right click on the picture and select “save image as” option to save it.
  7. You can also increase the size by doubling the value in the URL. The default value will be 128You can change it 256, 512Y 1028 to increase the size.
    note: The quality depends on the uploaded image for a profile picture.

    Resizing and formatting in URL
  8. By default, the image is saved as WebP. You can convert WebP to PNG if you prefer the PNG version of the uploaded photo. This is because you cannot re-upload this image for a Discord profile picture in WebP format.

2. Save profile picture with Discord Bot

Another way to save someone’s profile picture is by using the Discord bot. There are many bots that provide the avatar feature. In this method, we’ll use the Dyno-Bot to demonstrate the idea of ​​getting a profile picture of each user. By default, the image opened via the bot is a 256 pixel image.

noteNote: If you are using another bot on your server, make sure it has the avatar search feature. The command for this particular bot can be found on their website.

  1. open your discord by double-clicking the shortcut or searching for it using the Windows search function. now go to server where you can find both dinobot and the username for a profile picture.
    note: If you use your own server, you only need Add the dyno bot to the server.
  2. now go to text string and write it organized with the username of that specific user as shown in the screenshot.
    ?avatar username
    Command to find a user’s avatar
  3. This will display the user’s profile picture. Now you can just click on it and then Open original file in a browser.
    Open the original image in the browser
  4. In the browser you can save it by right-clicking on the image and “save image asYou can also change the option size Change the last digit of URLs.
    note: Sizes work like 128, 256, 512Y 1024.
  5. The photo is saved in a PNG format on your system.

Some other famous Discord bots that you can use to get profile pictures are Dank Memer Bot, Kashima Bot, Ayana Bot, Tatsu Bot, Yggdrasil Bot, Mudae Bot, and YAGPDB Bot.


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