How to Remove Weather and News from Taskbar on Windows 10?

The weather forecast or weather widget (officially called News & Interests) in Windows 10 is one of the recent Windows 10 tweaks from Microsoft to notify users of the latest news, events, weather updates, etc. The widget was released by the Windows Update Channel in June 2021. The News and Interests widget is displayed in the system tray (next to the taskbar).

How to disable weather forecast in Windows 10

While there are users who like it, there is a large majority of users who dislike Bing News and Interests and would like to turn it off.

Although the process of removing the News & Interests widget in Windows 10 is quite easy for a regular user, it can be difficult to disable the widget on hundreds of PCs for a while. organizational IT employees (To counter this, they can use the Registry Editor or Group Policy Editor method to disable them for the entire organization.)

Disable the weather forecast widget from the system tray

  1. The right mouse button on your system tray and select news and interests.
  2. Then select in the submenu to delete and the widget will be removed from your taskbar.
    Disable News & Interests in your system tray

Disable “open on hover” of messages and interests

If you are one of those users who like the widget but are annoyed by how it looks when you mouse over it, you can disable scrolling and keep the widget on the screen.

  1. The right mouse button At taskbar from your Windows 10 PC and click news and interests. If the News & Interests widget does not appear in the system tray menu, make sure your system is not running in tablet mode.
  2. Now uncheck the option from in the submenu Open on hover and there is no longer a popup on the weather widget when the mouse hovers over it.
    Disable opening when hovering over news and interests

Show only the News and Interests widget icon in the system tray

If you want to keep the widget but aren’t happy with the valuable space it’s taking up on your taskbar, you can resize it to an icon.

  1. The right mouse button At taskbar and float news and interests.
  2. Then select Show icon only and the weather widget collapses into an icon.
    Show only the news and featured icon

Minimize weather forecast widget tray updates

If you want to use the widget but aren’t happy with the internet data you’re consuming (especially if you’re using a metered connection or a cell phone’s hotspot), you can set the widget to use less data.

  1. The right mouse button At taskbar and select news and interests.
  2. Now select from the submenu Minimize taskbar updates.
    Minimize News and Interests tray updates

Please note that if you don’t like a particular map in the News & Interests widget, You can turn off the map in News and Interest Click on the three horizontal ellipses of the relevant map and select Hide map.

Disable the Messages and Interests widget via the Group Policy Editor

If you are an IT worker in your organization and need to disable weather in Windows 10 on hundreds of PCs, you can use the Group Policy Editor to disable the weather widget and deploy the policy to all PCs. Although this method works for regular users as well, users are probably better off using the taskbar method.

  1. Click on the windowContinue Group Policy Editorand open Edit Group Policy.
    Open the Group Policy Editor
  2. now in set up a computerNavigate to the following path:
    Administrative Templates>> Windows Component>> News and interests
    Disable News and Interests from the taskbar via Group Policy Editor
  3. Then, in the right half of the window, double click secure Enable notifications and hotspots in the taskbar and select with special needs.
  4. now Use your changes and Start anew your PC to apply the new group policy.

Disable the Messages and Interests widget through your system’s registry editor

You can also use Registry Editor to disable weather display at the organization level, but that’s overkill for a regular user.

reservationNote: Please note that editing the PC registry is a skillful task and failure to follow instructions may cause irreversible damage to your data/system, so proceed at your own risk. Also, to be on the safe side, remember to back up your system registry.

  1. Click on the windowContinue Registry Editor, the right mouse button on it and select Execute as administrator.
    Open the registry editor as an administrator
  2. now surfing to the following path (you can copy and paste the given address):
  3. Then in the right pane double click secure ShellFeedsTaskbarViewMode and customize yours value to the two.
    Set the ShellFeedsTaskbarViewMode registry value to 2 to disable the News and Interests widget.
  4. now Start anew Your PC, after exiting and restarting the editor, hopefully your weather widget issue will be resolved.


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