How to Ping a Phone to find it’s Location?

Every mobile user has had to at least once find the location of their phone, that of their children or that of an employee, lost or stolen. Or it could just be to see if the phone is active and getting a network connection. This is where pinging a phone can help.

How to ping a phone

What does it mean to ping a cell phone?

Ping a device means knowing that Availability or then Accessibility of the desired device. Almost all major operating systems support this network utility. Modern mobile operating systems like Android and iOS also support this and pinging the phone usually means finding its location as well.

Technically, ping is a signal that is sent to the phone to request its location on the network, and the phone responds to the request with the necessary information. Ping technology uses the device’s GPS position to retrieve the required data.

Use cases for pinging a phone:

The main purpose behind using the ping utility is to find the location of the phone. But why would a user need to find a phone’s location then there are many legitimate reasons for doing so such as:

  • To find the location of a lost or stolen phone.
  • Be aware of children or the whereabouts of employees.
  • Keep those with criminal histories at bay (only government agencies can do this).
  • Used by spy applications to conduct their operations. Remember that it is illegal to spy on someone without their will.

How do I ping a phone?

Many phones support the ping feature, but newly launched phones do not have this feature enabled (as a security measure). To ping these devices, you may have to specialized applications by phone (e.g Find my google phone or then PingD) to forward the ping request. So before proceeding, make sure these applications are installed and configured on the system. Also note that you cannot ping a phone out of. Even if your phone has one firewalls installed on your system or the Access Point Isolation If your router is enabled, other devices on the network may not be able to ping the phone.

ping from pc

  1. rising up (or down) to view the quick settings your phone’s menu and press and hold the button wireless Symbol.
    Long press the WiFi icon in the quick settings menu
  2. Now click on the resulting menu Menu press and select Advanced settings.
  3. later enroll that IP address from your phone, for example
  4. Now on a Windows PC (connected to the same network) click the windowSearch System icon, the right mouse button on it and select in the submenu Execute as administrator.
    Open Command Prompt as Administrator
  5. now To run The following (make sure to replace the IP address with your phone’s IP address):
    Ping the phone’s IP from the command prompt

ping from the phone

  1. Run the first Load game (or AppStore) from your phone and search pipe.
  2. install now pipe (any app of your choice) and once installed, start the ping app.
    Install a ping utility on your phone
  3. Then enter the IP of the mobile phone, for example and click pipe or then begin.
    Use the ping app to ping the phone’s IP address

Ping from Find My Phone

This method only works if your phone is turned on, set to Find My Phone, and has an active internet connection (Wi-Fi or cellular).

  1. throw a Web Navigator and access one of the following options depending on your mobile operating system:
    For Android Phone (that uses the Google Maps API):
    For iOS:
  2. now connection Use your Android or iOS credentials and select the device (if multiple devices are shown).
    Select the phone you want to search in Google Find My Phone
  3. Then click find my phone (if applicable) and then use it to locate your phone.
    Locate your phone on Google Find My Device

other methods

If the above does not meet your needs, you can use the other methods, but these methods may require some payments and authorized privileges (e.g. these methods for legitimate users.

  1. A GPS or then Family Search Inquiry like Life 360 ​​​​​​or Google Maps history.
  2. A phone numbers on the internet phone book like TrueCaller to find out the details of a specific phone number, including location.
  3. A spy request (It is illegal to spy on a person without their permission or will).
  4. Contact the porter assistance service to ping the phone (you must be a government official authorized to do this). In some cases, the transport companies allow Tracking devices registered to your account and provide a portal for this facility. Therefore, ask your network operator about such an installation.

how to stop being crazy

There may be a quota of users who do not wish to receive pings. So you can try the following:

  1. Make sure no ping app like PingD or Google Find My Device is installed on your system.
  2. Disable location or then GPS functionality of your phone.

Please note that in an emergency you airplane mode or then switch off The phone cuts off all communication, including ping.

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