How to paint floorboards – advice for sanding, painting and stencilling wooden floors

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  • Would you like to tear off a rug to reveal the floor below? Or if you just want to update something you already have, our deck painting guide will be very helpful.

    Painting floors is a quick, easy, and inexpensive DIY and decorator to remodel floors, especially compared to replacing carpet or new hardwood.

    We’ve also added details on how to add a nice pattern to the floor. Not only will this increase the impact on your room, but it will also mask nasty imperfections in the wood.of course not have paint whiteboard.

    From pink to charcoal gray, you’ll be able to find paint colors that match any shade of the spectrum to anchor a room’s color palette.

    How to Paint Floors

    Crown colour expert Kathryn Lloyd says: “Painting floors is a great way to upgrade a room on a small budget, especially if you don’t mind doing a little bit of your own.’ Make sure you choose your paint carefully; it has to be made specifically for use on wood.” developed products.’

    ‘Preparation is important, so take your time! Start by filling cracks or scratches with a wooden fork. If the floor has been painted before, I recommend using a paint remover to ensure you start with a clean surface for best results.

    “If you are painting a bare floor, sand the surface with P180 or 150 grit sandpaper, then rinse the floor to remove dust. Depending on the wood finish you choose, you may need to use a primer. If not, you can start with the first coat Wood paint. Let it dry overnight, then sand the surface to make sure the paint adheres to the floor before applying another coat of faux wood paint of your choice.

    The best paint to use is lime paint. A rust-resistant oleum chalk finish was used for this project. It is an abrasion resistant coating that can be applied directly over old paint and varnish layers.

    what do you need

    • Floor paint (rust oil anthracite chalk white lime paint is used here)
    • Small foam roll and base
    • Big rollers and chassis
    • brush
    • sand man
    • Model
    • sugar soap (optional)
    • fabric
    • adhesive tape
    • paint mixer
    • paint can opener

    1. Prepare the floor

    Start by sanding the board lightly, making sure to wrap the corners with an angle grinder. Next, vacuum the loose sawdust. Then rinse off the fine particles with a damp cloth (or sugar soap if you prefer). Let dry, then go to step 2.

    2. Paint the edges

    Take white paint (or a base color of your choice) and use a brush to paint the edges of the room. This is called cutting. Cut a few inches from the wall.

    3. Fill in the land

    Now take a bigger roll and start painting most of the floor. Start at the room entrance on the far wall and go towards the door, don’t paint in the corners!

    You will need at least two coats of paint. In fact, it is better to apply several thin layers than one thick layer. Thin coats are drier and therefore more durable.

    4. Leave blank or continue

    If you like the look and feel of it, you’re done. But if you want to create more effects, go to step 5…

    5. Find the center of the floor

    Measure the floor to find its center. Take the masking tape and place the pattern in the center. Make sure it’s pinned so it doesn’t move as you paint.

    6. Apply dark paint

    Paint small, not too thick rolls of foam with dark paint. This will ensure the paint doesn’t drip when you apply it to the stencil.

    Remove the template and reposition to paint the next part of the floor. If desired, you can wait for the paint to dry before moving to avoid smudging the paint.

    7. Repeat to cover the entire floor

    That’s it: the floor is perfectly painted with a dramatic stencil pattern. All this can be achieved over the weekend.

    Why not take the next step? See how stairs can paint your hallway.

    Nice interior!

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