How to paint a front door – applying fresh colour to PVC, UVC, wooden and composite doors

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  • Does the look of your home need a little extra appeal? Are you wondering how to paint your exterior door? Painting your front door is one of the quickest and easiest ways to refresh your home before you step over the threshold.

    As we begin welcoming guests for the first time in months, now is the perfect time to identify the entrance to your home to ensure a warm welcome.

    “Now is the perfect time to update your look, which is a great place to start,” says French Paint founder Pam Gruhn. “You can bring that ‘elevator’ into your home for a lot cheaper than buying a new front door!” According to a study by Dulux Weathershield, people can judge you in just 10 seconds when they see your front door. Did it make the right impression on you?

    For expert advice on this professional DIY and interior design job, we asked the experts to share their best tips for painting exterior doors. Whether your exterior door is made of PVC, UVC, wood or composite, you can paint it with the right material. Here’s how you do it.

    Paint the front door – what you need

    • Flat scraper
    • stuffing knife
    • millstone
    • External multi-function filling
    • drawing pen
    • Exterior paint
    • 40mm or 50mm. Brush

    How to Paint the Front Door

    1. Try on your favorite color

    Before committing to repainting your door, make sure you’re happy with your chosen paint color. The best way to visualize the color and try it out is to paint it on the back of wallpaper or old wallpaper. This allows you to keep it contrasting with your existing exterior wall and door colors. Use these head-to-head ideas as a starting point for color inspiration.

    2. Remove all furniture from the door

    Unscrew handles, mailboxes, etc. before cleaning the door with a properly diluted cleaner; our door handle installation guide contains helpful tips on removing and replacing door handles. Rinse the door with clean water.

    2. Surface preparation

    As Pam explains, it’s “everything in preparation!” Use a flat scraper to scrape any blistered or flaking paint. For wood doors, use an all-purpose exterior sealant to fill any cracks or holes in the door’s surface. Once dry, sand the entire door surface with medium sandpaper, then repeat with fine sandpaper. The Frenchic Al Fresco range is available in all door materials.

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    3. Good door cleaning

    Take care to wipe dust and grime off the door before painting, as they can stick to the paint and dry on the door, causing an uneven surface. Washing the door with a good sugary soap solution is the worst enemy of the job. You can buy it at all good DIY retailers.

    4. Paint the door

    draw the first layer, Focus on the raised doorway first, then paint the rest of the door.if you use French Paint, let it sit for two hours, then apply a second coat.

    After the door is dry, reinstall the door fixtures and enjoy your new and improved doorway. Pam advises: “Two to three weeks for obvious reasons.” But you don’t need polish or stamps. “

    What paint is best for front doors?

    “To create an attractive and durable exterior door, you need a textured exterior UV paint to prevent cracking and peeling,” advises Sue Kim, Senior Color Designer, Valspar. As we mentioned before, the Frenchic Al Fresco range is suitable for any material. PVC, UVC, wood and composite exterior doors without primer.

    We also love the smart look in Little Green, Dulux Weathershield quick-drying exterior paint, and Benjamin Moore’s Grand driveway gloss.

    What color should the front door be painted?

    The most popular colors for front doors are neutral white and brown palettes, but some darker colors are a close second. “Blue exteriors, indigo glossy countertops, feather countertops, green glass and lavender stone have become a popular way to add drama and character to your home,” said the team at Dulux.

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    “Our most popular door colours right now are greys like Smudge, Stormy, Greyhound and creams like Cream Dream or Cool Beans. Bright pastels are becoming more popular, Parma Violet, Dusky Blush and Wise Old Sage Same goes for it,” said French’s Pam.

    If you’re not sure where to start…

    • Choose a color that complements the other hues and materials on the exterior of your home. If you have other painting objects, such as shutters or mailboxes, you should combine them.
    • Color tends to fade on the outside, so the darker the exterior paint, the better. Test the samples under different lights to see how they change during the day.
    • Consider the style of your door. Before getting caught up in anything, step back a little and take a closer look at the door, its hardware, and its frame. Adding an appealing color can make a plain cottage door look more sophisticated, while a casual color can make a formal facade more welcoming.

    Are you planning to paint your look with this practical guide?

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