How to Paint a Butterfly – Acrylic Painting For Beginners

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Learn how to paint an abstract butterfly on canvas with this step-by-step painting butterfly tutorial for kids, beginners and beginners.

Master beginner acrylic painting and end up with a beautiful butterfly canvas with this painting tutorial – easy, quick and fun for the home, classroom or paint party.

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How to Paint a Butterfly Canvas - Step by Step Acrylic Painting Art Lessons for Kids and Beginners

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Canvas painting has become a very popular hobby in recent years and many people have started trying it at home rather than simply attending a class somewhere else. Painting canvases using online instructions or videos also makes this task easier.

Acrylic Painting for Beginners - DIY Butterfly Canvas Painting

With this butterfly canvas, you can paint it yourself or make duplicates for several people to do it together for playtime or family activity.

painting butterfly

You can also teach it as an art class if you are doing homeschooling or an art class and everyone will enjoy it because you can customize the butterfly in any color or style you prefer.

How to paint a butterfly step by step painting guide for beginners

How to draw a butterfly

What will you need:

  • Disposable plastic tablecloth
  • Easel if you like
  • Paints a variety of colors, acrylic is best, and you can get the cheap store brand that works great
  • pencil and eraser
  • Transfer paper and tracing paper if you want to make duplicates
  • Canvas in 16″ x 20 for each person
  • paper napkins
  • Color palette or paper plates and a glass of water for each person
  • Brushes come in a variety of sizes, from small to at least 1 inch.

Step-by-step instructions for painting butterflies

Let’s learn to draw a butterfly!

organize workplace

The first thing to do is take a canvas and draw the outline of the butterfly.

Don’t let this overwhelm you, it doesn’t have to be detailed or perfect, you just need it to fill about ¾ of the canvas and have all 4 wing sections and most of the body. If you want to draw a more childlike butterfly with a smile on your face, we also have a butterfly drawing tutorial.

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Draw it lightly and erase if you make a mistake.

Draw the butterfly

If you’re too nervous to do it directly on the canvas, tape tracing paper to fit the canvas to get the 16″ x 20″ size and draw on it.

Step 1 tracking

Any dots, designs on the wings or antenna will be added later in the painting and painted over, so don’t add them. The main outline of the butterfly will do.

If you’re just doing this for yourself, you don’t have to worry about making copies unless you draw it on tracing paper.

If so, or if you are making duplicates for a meeting or class, use the transfer paper to make copies on the rest of the canvases. This will avoid redrawing. You must first trace and then transfer the butterfly you drew on the tracing paper.

If you’ve never used transfer paper before, here’s how it works:

Locate the side of the paper that has ink on it and place it face down on the canvas.

Then line up the tracing paper to match the canvas so the butterfly is where you want it on the canvas.

Take a blunt pencil or drawing tool and trace each line you want to copy. When you think you’ve got all the lines done, try lifting the paper up a bit and make sure you haven’t missed any before you pull the paper out so it doesn’t get misaligned with the line you just made. . tat and fill in all missing lines. Then repeat this on each canvas you need a copy of. Save yourself the big headache of drawing the same thing over and over again!

It’s time to paint

Once you have finished your paintings on all the canvases you need, you can paint. First lay the tablecloth on your surface before pouring the paint.

Choose your background color and the color of the butterfly. In addition, you need black and white and at least one accent color. Get your colors ready and then start painting a butterfly adventure.

paint the outline

Start with a smaller, thinner brush for drawing.

You should always wet the brush the first time you use it, then dab the excess water on the paper towel, and then dip it into the paint. It just loosens up the paint and brush so it flows better. You don’t want it to get wet, it will ruin the color.

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Paint the background

Now, using the color you chose for the background, paint an outline around the outside of the butterfly.

Go all the way around, including any part of the wing that can reach the outer edge.

Then, with a larger brush, go back and paint the background.

Depending on the color you chose, you may need a second coat, but give the first coat a little soak before painting the second so you can figure out how much you need.

painting butterfly

While this is being absorbed, paint the butterfly. I also like to sketch it, just like I did the background, going over the wings and center of the body so I know exactly where to stay on the lines and sections as I paint. Leave the center of the body empty.

It also helps you get into small areas of the canvas and not try to do it with a larger brush that isn’t designed for the task.

The wings may also need a second coat of paint, so let them dry and repaint while you’re at it.

Paint the second layer on the bottom, trying to keep your brush strokes in the same direction on this layer.

This makes it easier to fill and doesn’t leave streaks in the paint.

Paint the edges of the butterfly canvas

Be sure to paint the edges of the canvas as well. If you want to make sure you get the bottom edge now while you think about it, flip the canvas over and paint it, or you can wait until the last one to do that.

Give your center body a coat of black paint before going back to the fenders as the black definitely needs another coat.

paint the body

Now move on to the wings, paint the second layer, and then repeat the black layer again on the body.

At this point, check if there are any gaps where a white mesh shows through the paint, or if you see streaks in the paint that need a little touching up. Go ahead and comb them until you are satisfied.

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Let it dry for a few minutes and now you need your accent color for the wings and background swirls.

Added details

I prefer to use a lighter version of the color used on the wings for this, but it’s not necessary. You can take some white paint and mix it with your fender paint to get this accent color, I did that on mine.

Now use a medium to small brush that is longer than it is wide and paint strokes on the wings, or you can create your own design if you like.


Also, paint randomly sized circles in the background to add some dimension to the painting, creating the appearance of blurred lights in the background.

You can also use a round sponge to rub circles if you prefer. They don’t have to be perfect, the idea is to create movement without painting the wings anymore.

contour wings

Then, using the same brush or a slightly smaller brush, paint a black border around the wings and also inward to the center of the wings so that it crosses the center of the wings and the body.

Painting the antennas

Now take a very small brush and paint the antenna.

set accents

The final step is to add some highlights to complete it.

Paint white highlights on the wings, on the corners of the wings and along the edges of at least one side, then one side of the body, as well as a highlight on the head and antennae.

Then add some white highlights here and there on the background circles to create the illusion of bright highlights.

Now just mark the areas you want to touch up, give them your signature and voila! Congratulations! You learned to draw a butterfly.

How to draw a butterfly

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