How to make pallet garden furniture on a budget – a step-by-step guide

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  • Pallet garden furniture is a great addition to any patio, garden or balcony. Great if you want to add a little industrial flair to your outdoor space and provide comfortable seating for sunbathing.

    Not only is this a great and inexpensive gardening idea, but it also allows you to create something completely unique out of recycled materials. If you’re worried about where everyone will be sitting when you invite friends over for a BBQ, we’ve got this easy DIY project in just a few hours.

    How to Make Cost-Effective Garden Furniture

    “Blades are usually made of pine or oak. These woods absorb paint well and are easy to use when drilling, gluing and sawing,” says Ronseal’s Jimmy Englezos.

    Use the step-by-step guide below to bring your landscape ideas to life in no time. Ready to show off your DIY two-seater stage bench? This allows you to take three modest settings and turn them into party-perfect curly benches from Love Island.

    garden furniture bench

    Image credit: Chris Everard

    you need to:

    • Wooden pallets
    • Chalk paint for garden furniture
    • Small drum and chassis
    • brush
    • scattered pillows
    • electric drill with screws

    1. Select the tray

    beautiful garden furniture set

    Image source: Operation Base

    Color palettes are usually available for free; you should ask at supermarkets, construction sites, and hardware stores. Also, you can get them cheaply from online stores. For this do-it-yourself outdoor furniture idea, you’ll need three floors that are in good condition: free of cracks, cracks, and rot.

    2. Prepare

    “Using patio furniture trays requires some initial preparation,” says MyJobQuote builder Thomas Goodman. “Check to make sure the dangerous nails are not sticking out, and if the wood is rough, it must be sanded to remove sharp edges and avoid chips.”

    3. Start painting

    Pallet Garden Furniture Painting

    Image source: Operation Base

    Mix paint and a mini paint roller for a smooth finish. You will need several top coats, let the paint dry for an hour, then turn the bridge over and paint the underside. You may need to use a brush in hard-to-reach areas.

    Buy now: Rust-Oleum Chalky Furniture Paint Powder Blue (750ml), £15, Homebase

    When painting, you have to consider the weather, says Matthew Brown of Sadolin & Sandtex. Paint below 5 degrees for a glossy finish. “In early spring, mornings can be wet, and evenings can still see sharp drops in temperature and increased humidity, which at best delays drying time, but at worst, moisture can become trapped in the film liner in some cases .

    “During the summer, direct sunlight can create a very hot environment, especially on dark or tinted surfaces,” adds Matthew. “So, if possible, avoid doing it in direct sunlight during the hottest part of the day. Decorate, if you can do better later in shady conditions. “

    4. Facility maintenance

    Lava Garden Indoor Drill

    Image source: Operation Base

    Create the bottom of the workbench by stacking one or more pallets at the correct height. When you are satisfied, screw them with the best drill bit.

    5. Shape your back

    Indoor garden stage backstage

    Image source: Operation Base

    Add another platform with vertical support to create the chair back. Secure it in place again with a drill and screw.

    6. Dress your stage benches comfortably

    garden furniture bench

    Image source: Operation Base

    Homebase and many other retailers sell professional stage furniture pillows that fit on top of stage stands. Add color with translucent spacers and pots. If one bench is not enough, consider placing two benches side by side to accommodate more people. Take the sun!

    You can even go even better and make a corner sofa… Gather a plate of grapes and build this outdoor model on a corner sofa, carefully disassembled and nailed to a custom wood frame.

    stage creative corner sofa

    Photo Credit: Joanna Henderson

    This elegant design takes wooden garden furniture to the next level. Use the same method to design a matching coffee table. Complete the look with elegant plush cushions to ensure this modern lounge area is comfortable and stylish.

    How many trays are needed to make a sofa?

    You only need three trays to create a unique outdoor table and chair that can hold two and six trays for a four-seater sofa.

    How are the paddles installed?

    “The easiest way to attach the tray is to use galvanized metal attachment plates and screws,” says Thomas Goodman. “Screw the center piece into the thicker wood, not the slats, for a solid connection.”

    Wooden Pallet Outdoor Sofa

    Image credit: Future PLC / Jonathan Jones

    What paint did you use for the wooden pallets?

    Thomas Goodman said that while most wood is heat-treated, it cannot withstand the weather for long. So put a few coats of paint on the outside.

    Frenchic and Rust-Oleum are popular choices, and you can also buy exterior paint from brands like Lick and Farrow & Ball. If you want to maintain the look of natural wood, use a clear finish.

    Is pallet wood suitable for furniture?

    Suitable for furniture if the stage wood is not chemically treated. Many DIY retailers now sell pre-treated, kiln-dried, FSC-approved pallets so you know they’re safe to use.

    Of course, you can recycle wood pallets for free, just remember to treat the wood to make sure it’s suitable for outdoor furniture. Check out our guide for more free landscaping ideas to enhance your outdoor space.

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