How to Make Origami Lucky Stars

If you want to make a fun little craft with your kids, we’ll teach you how to do it Origami lucky stars. They certainly make a wonderful DIY Christmas decoration.

You may have seen these stars being made at a craft show, but you will learn how to make them yourself! These lucky stars are also called wishing stars. So after you make them, go ahead and make a wish and watch your dreams come true!


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You can make these origami stars and give them as gifts. What if you are in a hurry and need to make a DIY gift? These are perfect!

Once you nail these little stars, you won’t be able to stop. It’s great fun for kids as it keeps their hands busy and mind focused. You can even string them together and make a happy paper chain. It’s a wonderful introduction to origami.


How to make lucky stars in origami

What do you need:

Step by step instructions

Once you’ve made up your mind, this is what you want to do Origami lucky stars, you will be surprised how easy they are to make! We tell you HOW to make them so you can make them anytime your kids are bored!


You should start with a strip of paper. Place the colored paper strip with the colored side up!

Holding the sheet of paper flat, lower the right end of the paper so it looks like the image above.


Now take the bottom end up and over the left end. Be sure to hold it firmly with your left hand while you do the hard work with your right hand.


Once you’ve looped, you can go ahead and thread the top end at the back and then thread it through the hole.

Go ahead and pull the end through the loop, eventually you’ll want to pull the bottom end to fully tighten the knot.


You need to tuck the end of the strip into the star. If you want to inflate the star, you need to pinch the corner of the pentagon.

You’ll do it between your thumb and forefinger. You should rotate each point of the star to help it inflate.


When finished you will have a very cute and adorable origami lucky star! You can make a whole bowl out of it and leave it on your table as a decoration.

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