How to Make Brown Butter Perfectly Every Time

Brown butter is magical and has a toasted, nutty flavor. Use it in both sweet and savory dishes. Head over to the brown butter recipe or read on for our preparation tips.


Brown butter is also easy to prepare. All you need is 5 minutes.

What is brown butter?

Brown butter is plain butter that has been cooked long enough to toast the milk solids contained in the butter. All you do is cook the butter just past the melting point. This way you create that magical nutty flavor that you just don’t get with regular melted butter.

We like to use brown butter in our cooking. In five minutes you can add a buttery, nutty flavor to any dish. We used brown butter in our Brown Butter Pecan Pasta and Brown Butter Kale Pasta. It’s also great as an addition to muffins and even brownies!


Here’s how to do it in 5 minutes

  1. Take a wide, heavy-bottomed saucepan and place over medium-low heat.
  2. Add the butter. As it melts, continuously toss the butter around the pan. The butter will go from brown to burnt quickly, so stay close.
  3. Continue whisking the butter over the heat until light brown and nutty smelling. Remove from heat and use in any of your favorite recipes that call for melted butter.

TIP: For a herb-flavored browned butter, add a handful of fresh sage leaves, sprigs of rosemary, or fresh thyme to the pan while you prepare the browned butter.

Updated recipe originally posted April 2012. Since it was posted in 2012 we have changed the recipe for clarity. – Adam and Joanne

How to brown butter perfectly every time

Brown butter is easy to prepare and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Warm brown butter is ready to use in savory dishes like pasta or chicken. For sweet recipes, let cool and then use in place of regular melted butter.

About 3/4 cup

will need

16 tablespoons butter (2 sticks)


    Place the butter in a large, heavy-bottomed saucepan over medium-high heat. As the butter melts, constantly swirl it around the pan. The butter will go from brown to burnt quickly, so keep close to the pan while doing this. Continue stirring the butter over the heat until it is light brown in color. Once it smells golden and nutty, remove it from the heat.

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