How to increase your stamina in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town guide


Image: Marvel Games/Xseed via Polygon

As you farm and mine Seasons Story: Pioneers of Olive TownYour resistance will be the only thing that really limits you in everyday life.

However, you can increase your stamina by an additional six hearts, allowing you to do more. To do this, you need to meet the spirit of the harvest that happened after gathering 100 followers sprites and entered the olive town. You can find sprite followers while doing many different actions like mining, farming, and chopping wood to name a few. We had 100 at the beginning of the summer.

At the shrine north of town, you can spend your sprites on upgrades, including improved soil for your farm and access to new magical areas. The first stamina upgrade costs 10 sprite coins and the price has increased to the last upgrade which costs 60 sprite coins.

If you’ve found 100 follower sprites but the Harvest Spirit doesn’t appear, go to town often, as this often triggers the necessary cutscenes that must happen before it appears.

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