How to get the most out of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s weekly events

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate held its first in-game Spirit Board event over the weekend of December 14-17. The event was themed around characters wearing glasses and included powerful spirits being offered regularly, as well as increased gold rewards for collecting these new spirits.

The next event, scheduled for December 21-24, will feature Fire Emblem characters. Now that we’ve seen how it works, here are some ideas on how you can take advantage of these events, which will continue to happen every week, to get the most unlockable goodies.

How events work Super Smash Bros. Latest

Two of the 10 Spirit Board slots are reserved for event spirits at all times when each event is active. In the case of the glasses campaign, the event rotation consisted of a limited number of special characters with additional glasses.

It’s pretty easy to add everyone in the weekly event to your spirits collection, as two of the spirits on your spirits board will be still be selected from the spirits on this short list. While most spirits on the list are entry-level or advanced quality, there will be two Ace-quality spirits and two Legend-quality spirits at each event. This makes it easier to target the spirits you need while still making use of the extra gold.

Each of the four premium spirits is also available twice a day at set times for a full hour. Ghosts usually disappear when you lose a fight against them on the ghost board, and the only way to get a second hit is to use a revenge item. But these ghosts will return to the board if you don’t defeat them. You can try again and again until the hour is up.

A banner will appear in the Spirits Mode menu at the bottom right of the screen, announcing the event on the Wednesday before the event begins and letting you know which Spirits will be available, along with the exact times of the Ace and Legendary Spirits. Spirit. will be active.


Where to find the banner
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This is a good opportunity for players who usually deal with the toughest fights Super Smash Bros Ultimate Get your hands on legendary spirits. Try the fight a few times, adjust your spirit charge or try another fighter and if you’re still having trouble with something you can find out what kind of battle item will give you the advantage you need, and hopefully win. or buy one.

For example, one of the legendary heads of the first event was James McCloud from Star Fox. This fight was a one-on-one fight with an aggressive fox that increased its defense, attack, and movement speed once it took damage over 50%.

The problem I had with him was that he often landed a final punch early in the fight; One of the ways the game increases the difficulty for legendary computer-controlled characters is by giving them fast load times for their final punch, and then I’d have a second before I could finish it off or land a final punch myself. I ended up using a Lazy FS Load item to prevent this and was able to beat it fairly easily.

Improved currency rewards

The other big attraction for Super Smash Bros UltimateSpirit Board Events are the upgraded rewards for winning Event Spirit Battles. So now I have five of these James McCloud spirits.

Smash Mind Games operate on a multi-currency gacha system of sorts. The two main currencies are Spirit Points (SP) and Gold. SP is used to buy items and liquors in the stores you unlock in the World of Light campaign, and you can use SP to buy a second chance at the spinning shield minigame that you need to win to capture Spirits from the Spirit Board. It also costs some SP to level up your spirits with snacks or to combine lower level spirits with stronger ones via the summoning system.


The spirits of the event shower you with money and rewards.
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Gold is used to continue a career in classic mode when you die and purchase items from the shop in the pink vault tab of the main menu. This store sells unlockable music tracks and Mii Fighter costumes, as well as spirits and items. You receive relatively small amounts of gold from the World of Light and Spirit Board adventure mode, although some chests on the campaign map contain larger amounts of gold. Certain achievements will also award you a ton of gold in the early hours of the game.

But you will need a lot of gold if you want to unlock all the music tracks and costumes.

Gold is awarded for multiplayer battles – you get more for winning and even more if multiple players join your game, as well as for completing classic mode. A Spirit Board Legendary Off event only got me 29 gold, to give you guys an idea of ​​how rare the coin is.

But the Goggle event awarded more nugget gold than I’ve seen in any other activity. I earned 528 gold for winning the Spirits event at Ace level and a whopping 1514 for beating Legends. The beginner and advanced event spirits award 50 and 100 gold respectively, but you can win these battles in seconds with a powerful spirit charge.

Aside from weekly events, online battles are the most lucrative regular activity to earn this currency. Winning a three share one on one match gave me 492 gold and I lost about 100 gold. If you play online a lot, you might be pretty ready for gold, but the gold event was the easiest way to get the spare change compared to any other activity. There is no comparison.

The next Fire Emblem event will give increased SP, and this should be the most effective way to create a large party of east currency too.

Purchasing a second shot at an Ace-level Ghost in the Ghost Board Shield minigame costs 1,200 SP and a second shot at a Legend costs 4,000. It costs 2,800 SP to combine Ghost Cores to summon a Legend-level Ghost, and it costs 10,000 SP to buy one from any of the shops. Spend time grinding the Spirit Board in the next event or future events with similar rewards if you spend a lot of SP while unlocking Spirits.

The events take place every weekend and it is likely that the increase in rewards will alternate with the strengthening of these coins. If you’re reading this after the Fire Emblem event, or if you’re disappointed that you missed the Goggles event, there’s almost certainly an event with a similar reward structure coming up very soon. Don’t despair.

If you grind spirits, do it at an event

With almost 1300 ghosts in the game, finding a specific character can be difficult. Events are a good opportunity to add specific spirits to your collection and build your collection of spirits from featured franchises, as characters gain a stat bonus when using spirits from their game worlds.

If you’re having trouble getting Legendaries, it’s easier to beat an event, as they’ll return to the spirit board if you fail the fight when they spawn. You can go through many matches hoping to get lucky the moment you know the spirits will be available.

And events increase rewards, so keep an eye on events to see when the required currency increases if you want your grind to be as efficient as possible.

If you want to collect all the music, collect all the Mii skins, or spend a lot of SP in the World of Light shops, be sure to check out these weekly events.

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