How to Fix Your Organization’s Data Cannot be Pasted Here?

Microsoft Intune, part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager, is a cloud-based mobile device management tool that provides unified endpoint management. The error message “Your organizational data cannot be inserted hereis what you see when you try to copy data from Outlook to another app installed on your device. This is just a feature that ships with Microsoft Intune and can be found in Microsoft Intune Policy Management.

Your organizational data cannot be inserted here

The error message appears every time you try to copy something to a rogue app. This behavior is simply due to your Microsoft Intune policies and prevents users from copying data for security reasons. Although this can be changed via the policies, there are cases where the error message can appear while copying data to an authorized application. With Microsoft Intune, you can set policies so you can copy data to a specific allowed app if you want, and restrict or just block others.

In such a case, the problem can be caused by an outdated version of Outlook app on your device and hence you need to install the latest updates to fix the problem. Let’s start by showing the feature that you can customize to your needs to solve this problem.

Update the Microsoft Intune data movement policy

As mentioned above, the error message in question is generated by your Microsoft Intune policies. Responsible for this behavior is in particular the data protection declaration to be found under App Protection. When Restrict cut, copy, and paste between other apps is locked, you cannot copy data between apps. That is why such an error message is displayed. However, this does not affect protected apps, so you can freely copy data between protected apps.

Also, it can be configured to allow data copying for specific applications. Follow the instructions below to review your policies:

  1. Log in to your first Microsoft Intune Dashboard.
  2. After that, click client applications On the left.
    Microsoft Intune Dashboard
  3. On the Client Applications screen, navigate to in the left pane Application Protection Policies.
    Microsoft Intunes client apps
  4. In the list of policies, click the applicable policy installed on your device to edit it. Or you can use the to create a new policy for it Create a policy Button.
    Create a new application protection policy
  5. Locate Restrict cutting, copying and pasting between other apps under data transfer and change it as needed.
    Privacy Policy
  6. When you create a new policy, you must provide additional details such as: platform. You can also find the relevant function in Settings > Privacy > Data transfer.
  7. Finally click on the TO THE RIGHT Button to save the strategy.

Once you’ve done that, you should now be able to copy data between apps, depending on how you previously modified your policy settings. Once you have created a new policy, you must assign it to the appropriate groups. Also, if you are still facing the issue of copying data between protected apps, make sure the app is updated. In some scenarios, the issue could be a Microsoft bug that requires a simple update to fix.


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