How to Fix “The Game Card Could Not be Read” Error on Nintendo Switch?

The game card error can appear on Nintendo Switch when the Nintendo Switch firmware is outdated. In addition, the corrupted cache of the Nintendo Switch can also be the cause of the issue in question. The issue occurs when a user encounters the following error while gaming or when the Switch wakes up from sleep mode (whether in or out of the dock):

The playing card could not be read. Take it out and put it back in.

If this message appears repeatedly, please refer to the next page on your smart device or PC.

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You can fix Nintendo Switch game card error by updating the firmware or clearing the cache of Nintendo Switch as shown below:

Update your Nintendo Switch firmware to the latest version

Your Nintendo Switch may show a game card problem if your Switch firmware is outdated, and updating your Nintendo Switch firmware to the latest version can fix the problem.

  1. Open minded system parameters on the home screen of your Nintendo Switch and go to system Language.
    Open the Nintendo Switch System Settings
  2. select now upgrade system and allow the update to install (if an update is available).
    Run the system update from the Nintendo Switch System tab
  3. After the update, check if the Switch is free of game card errors.

Reset the Nintendo Switch cache

Nintendo Switch may show the game card error when the Nintendo Switch cache is corrupted, and clearing the Nintendo Switch cache can fix the problem.

  1. pitch it system parameters on Nintendo Switch and go to your system Language.
  2. Then open the format options and select reset cache.
    Open the Nintendo Switch format options
  3. Now choose the user profile you want to clear the cache for and click Start anew.
    Reset the Nintendo Switch cache
  4. Once the cache is reset, click TO THE RIGHT and check if there is no problem with the game card.
    Confirm to reset user profile cache on Nintendo Switch

Clean the game card and reinsert it

The Nintendo game console game card issue could be the result of a temporary malfunction of the Switch, and reinserting the card may fix the problem.

  1. Remove the playing card of the switch and Reinsert card to check if the issue is resolved.
    Reinsert the game card into the Nintendo Switch
  2. If not, check if reinstate slowly the card with a slight angle To solve the Problem
  3. On the other hand, Remove switch card Y do homework card connections with isopropyl alcohol.
  4. later Blow air out of a compressed can to the card slot of the switch
  5. now reinstate slowly Game card and check if the game card problem is solved.
  6. If that didn’t work then Remove the problematic playing card of the slit and Insert another playing card at the counter.
  7. Then check if the newly inserted card is working properly.
  8. If yes, then Re-insert the problematic playing card and check if it works fine.

Disconnect the headphones from the Nintendo Switch

If the Nintendo Switch headset is shorting out the AUX port (next to the game card reader), unplugging the headset may resolve the issue.

  1. Remove playing card of the switch and disconnect your headphones of the switch
    Disconnect the headphones from the Nintendo Switch
  2. Now press the Turn down the volume button switch the sound is muted.
    Press the volume down button on the Nintendo Switch to mute the sound
  3. later Insert playing card on Switch and see if the game card issue is resolved.

Restart Nintendo Switch

If the Nintendo Switch keeps showing the game card error even after reinserting the card several times, restarting the Nintendo Switch (since it resets various hardware components of the Switch) may fix the problem.

  1. Press the may on the Nintendo Switch and when the power menu appears on the screen power settings.
    Open the Nintendo Switch power options
  2. Then select Start anew and once the switch is on, check if there are no more problems with the game card.
    Restart Nintendo Switch
  3. if not then Remove game card of the switch and to delete (do not sleep) the switch. If the switch is connected to a charger, then Extinguish the switch the charger.
  4. now Reinsert game card Y Turn on the switch to check if the playing card error is clear.

If the problem persists, either your game card is defective (especially if it doesn’t work with another Switch or PC) or the Nintendo Switch slot isn’t working properly (especially if other game cards don’t work with the Switch either). .

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