How to Fix Nintendo Switch Dock not Working

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Switch Dock is a docking station with electrical connectors that allows you to charge the Nintendo Switch and connect it to a TV via an HDMI cable. The dock also has other additional features, namely a USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports. If you connect the Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy a maximum frame rate of 60 fps at a resolution of 1080p.

switch does not work

Although the Switch Dock took the Nintendo Switch to a whole new level, we’ve encountered a number of different scenarios where it wasn’t working as expected and was causing weird issues, in addition to refusing to connect properly.

In this article, we explain why you may experience this problem and what the possible causes are. Later we will show you how to fix the problem or find a workaround. Be sure to start with the first solution and progress accordingly as the solutions are listed by difficulty and usefulness.

Note: We recommend that you keep a backup copy of all your user files and settings in the cloud as your data may be deleted.

If your dock won’t turn on, press and hold Press and hold the power button for about 30 seconds while the main power is on.

What Causes Switch Dock Not Working?

We analyzed various use cases and examined their scenarios in detail. After carefully examining each case, we experimented on our own device and made a list of reasons why this issue might appear on your device. Below are some of the reasons why the Switch Dock may not work properly with your Nintendo Switch:

  • Put dock in error state: Like any other peripheral, the Switch Dock can go into an error state where it doesn’t recognize or connect to your Nintendo Switch or TV. Here it is usually sufficient to change the ignition.
  • Wires in wrong order: We made an interesting discovery where the order in which the cables were connected controlled the behavior of the dock. It appeared to be a coding error/unintentional error by Nintendo engineers and is still present to this day. Connecting the cables in the correct order usually solves the problem.
  • Docking station defective: Your dock may also be defective. Consoles are known to have issues despite being new all the time. All you can do here is bring your device to the Nintendo Service Center and have it checked (but you have to make sure you have a bad docking station first!).
  • Cable not sufficiently powered: Since the Switch Dock is primarily used to charge your Nintendo Switch device, it may not work as expected because the power cord connected to the dock is not providing the device with enough power. There are different perspectives that are discussed in the solutions.
  • HDMI issues: If you are unable to connect your Switch Dock to your TV, you need to check whether the HDMI is properly plugged in or not. If something is wrong with HDMI, you will not be able to connect.
  • Plug: Another interesting discovery we’ve come across is that the Switch Dock likes to be plugged into just one outlet. This is likely because it requires a decent amount of power to function as expected.
  • Bad settings: If your computer has incorrect settings saved, Switch Dock will not work or will work slowly. Here you can reset temporary settings or perform a hard reset.
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Make sure you save all your settings and configurations in the cloud and only then proceed with the solutions in turn.

Solution 1 – Reset All Settings

Before attempting any technical solutions, you should try to reset all your settings. Power Cycling is the process of completely resetting your devices so all temporary settings are reset and new configuration files should be created when you power them on. Extremely popular, Power Cycling works with both PC and consoles and is usually the first step in any troubleshooting process.

Before restarting, make sure to save any unsaved data. In some cases, some temporary settings may be set as default, so please be aware of that.

  1. Separate that hdmi Change dock cable and that too power cord.
  2. now care for Y Hurry Power button for about 10-15 seconds.
    Turn on full configuration
  3. Now you have to wait 30-40 seconds. During this time, try restarting your TV Y Nintendo Switch as well as.
  4. Once the time is up, plug everything back in and turn it on. Now try to connect the Nintendo Switch to the dock and check if the problem is solved.

If restarting doesn’t resolve the issue, continue to the next solution. This means that there is no problem with the temporary configurations and the problem may be related to the hardware modules.

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Solution 2 – Insert the cables in the correct order

Another solution we can try is to insert the wires in a prescribed order. It doesn’t make sense, but after our investigation, it turned out that there is a specific bug or issue where the Switch Dock only responds to the specific order in which the cables are plugged in, specifically the power cable, the HDMI. and the switch. peripheral.

Since all the fuss is about placing the order, we recommend that you follow the steps below in the exact order in which they are listed. It seems that the Switch Dock firmware hangs when HDMI is plugged into the TV before it gets power.

  1. Separate any switch dock cable including HDMI, power and switch device.
  2. Now plug the power cord first on your Switch Dock. Make sure there is power by looking at the power indicator.
    Cable entry in order: Switch Dock
  3. Then plug the hdmi Cable (here we assume that the HDMI cable is already connected to your TV and the HDMI input is selected).
  4. insert now Nintendo Switch in the spring. If everything is ok, the green light will be on and it will switch to HDMI

Now try to use the Dock and Switch device and check if the problem is definitely resolved.

Solution 3 – Check the power cord

Your Switch Dock is responsible for connecting and charging your Nintendo Switch to your TV. Since it performs many of these functions, it obviously requires a decent amount of power. If the power supply is insufficient, the Switch Dock will not work as expected and will cause various problems such as charging or improper connection with the TV.

Think of the analogy of a power supply in a computer. If the power supply is not powerful enough (that is, the power supply cannot support the power of the tower modules), some modules (e.g. graphics cards) cannot be powered on and will not work.

Power cord: switch base

Be sure to pin the original switch base power cable and connect it to a separate socket. This last point is very important. While that doesn’t make sense since it draws the same amount of power through an extension cord when other things are plugged in, it sounds like you’d prefer to plug it into a single outlet that’s not shared with other electronic devices will .

Solution 4: Check your HDMI cable

Another situation that many users encounter is that the Switch Dock successfully charges the Nintendo Switch but fails to connect it to the TV. The first thing that should come to mind is the HDMI cable. The HDMI cable connects your TV to your Switch Dock. If the HDMI cable is defective or has problems, the content cannot be transferred correctly and you will therefore not be able to connect.

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Checking the HDMI cable

Check your HDMI cable by connecting it to another device like a laptop or computer and see if the HDMI cable is working. Make sure one end is plugged into the inside of the TV and not into another device. If you are absolutely sure that the problem is not with your HDMI cable, continue to the next solution.

Note: Here we assume that you have selected the correct input in the TV settings. Every TV has a setting where you can select which input source you want the TV to display. Make sure you select the correct HDMI (sometimes there is more than one HDMI source too, so keep that in mind).

Solution 5 – Check for a faulty docking station

If all the above methods don’t work, then you need to check whether your Switch Dock is faulty or not. There are many cases when the dock itself is problematic and there are problems with the hardware modules inside. If so, you won’t be able to get it to work at all.

Nintendo Switch docking station

To check if you have a broken dock and be safe, you can borrow a dock from a friend and then try connecting your Switch and TV to it. Be sure to remember Solution 2. If the Friend’s Dock doesn’t connect properly to your Nintendo Switch/TV either, there is probably a problem with the settings. If that is the case then it will fix the case where you have a faulty docking station.

Here you can contact a Nintendo Customer Service Center if you have a warranty. However, if you want to avoid doing the trip for free, you can try contacting the support site and speaking to the managers. Talk to them and tell them about your situation.


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