How to Fix ‘Message Blocking is Active’ Error on iOS and Android

Users are also on the “Message cannot be sent: message blocking is active.” Error after sending message. This error was mainly reported in connection with T-Mobile.

In this article, we will discuss some of the reasons why this error has been thrown and also provide workable solutions to fix it completely.

“Free Message: Unable to send message, message blocking is active.” Mistake

What are the causes of “cannot send message, message blocking is active”. Mistake?

After receiving numerous reports from different users, we decided to investigate the issue and came up with a number of solutions to get rid of it. We also analyzed the activation reasons and listed them below.

  • Service Interruption: This error was mainly caused by a service outage on the service provider side. This service interruption may be due to a temporary maintenance outage and the messaging service may have been interrupted due to the display of this error.
  • blocklist: The root cause of the message is that the recipient is on the sender’s block list or vice versa. Both people should make sure that neither is on the other’s SMS block list. Also, make sure you can call them easily.
  • Access to premium news: In some cases, the user may have configured their mobile phone to prohibit sending or receiving premium SMS. This is a service used by some messaging apps that needs to be allowed for certain features to work properly.
  • Shortcode issue: This issue was reported by a T-Mobile issue where your issue was caused by a bug with short codes set to error. This is a technical issue that can only be resolved by T-Mobile support engineers.

Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the problem, let’s move on to solutions. Make sure you implement them in the specific order they are rendered in to avoid conflicts.

Allow premium access to SMS

Some messaging apps require the premium access feature to send messages properly. Therefore, in this step, we will allow premium access to the messaging app, which we will use via the settings. Therefore:

  1. Drag the notification panel and click “Settings” Symbol.
    Slide down the notification panel and tap on the “Settings” option.
  2. Click on “Application” then select “Applications”.
    Click on the “Applications” option.
  3. Click on that “Three points” in the upper right corner.
  4. To select “Special Access” in the list of options.
    Click the Special Access option from the list.
  5. Click on that “Premium SMS access” Possibility.
    Select “Premium SMS access” from the list
  6. Click and select the app you want to allow this for “Question”.
    Click on the “Message” app and select “Questions”
  7. To verify to see if the problem persists.

Contact support

The best solution to this problem can only be worked out by the technical staff of the customer service center of your respective network operator.

One such example comes from a T-Mobile user who contacted their support via Twitter and received the following message explaining this issue at T-Mobile:

“Got it! Thanks for the info on this account. I’ve updated the shortcodes that usually cause this issue. It looks like it crashed about 3 years ago. Can you please provide the text that you Had problems, retest and fix?” tell me what it does Thanks for your help!”

This indicates that the problem is mainly related to a technical issue and can be solved by customer support.


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