How to Fix ‘Connection refused: no further information’ Error on Minecraft

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Lately there have been many user reports on the error “$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no more information‘ when trying to connect to a server. This error is not limited to a single server and occurs on all of them.

Error message “$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no more information” when trying to connect to the server

What Causes the Connection Denied Error?

After receiving numerous reports from different users, we investigated the issue and came up with a number of solutions that fixed the issue for the majority of users. Also, we have analyzed the reasons why the error is thrown and listed them below. Therefore:

  • IP problem: In some cases, the problem is caused by an incorrect IP address or port when trying to connect to a server. The IP address along with the correct port is used to route your connection to the server and the connection is established once the server has approved it. Unless you are using a static IP address, which is fairly rare, the IP address assigned to you by your ISP will change from time to time and multiple users may be assigned the same IP address. Therefore, the IP address needs to be changed from time to time.
  • Firewalls: It’s also possible that the Windows Firewall you are using is blocking your connection to the server. The Java files and the game directory must be added to the Windows Firewall exclusion list for the game to successfully connect to the server.
  • Java Rejection: Minecraft requires the Java software to be updated to the latest version in order to function properly. If Java is outdated on your device and the launcher has been updated to the latest version, it may conflict with some game elements and prevent a proper connection to the server.
  • Incompatible software: There is a list of software that is incompatible with Minecraft and will cause problems if installed on the computer you are trying to connect to the server on. Minecraft has an official list of software that is incompatible with the game and causes conflicts.
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Now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the problem, let’s move on to solutions. It is recommended that you try these solutions in the order presented to ensure you do not encounter any conflicts.

Restart your network

Every time you restart the Internet router, the IP address provided by the ISP changes, unless you are using a static IP address. Therefore, in this step we will reset the internet settings and DNS cache by turning off the internet router completely. Therefore:

  1. Separate that perfomance from the internet router.
    Disconnecting the power cord
  2. Expect to the 5 minutes Y reconnect Energy.
  3. If you are granted internet access, try it shortcut to the server and Check to see if the problem persists.

Reset your network settings

Your Windows network settings may also be to blame here as your network settings may be misconfigured. Follow these steps to reset network settings:

  1. Search for Command Prompt in the Windows search bar, then click Run as administrator.
    Run the command prompt
  2. After the Command Prompt window opens, type the following commands one by one:
    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew
    netsh winsock reset
    netsh int ip reset
  3. Restart your computer and see if the problem persists.

Add an exception in the firewall

The Windows Firewall you are using may be blocking your connection to the server. So in this step we will add an exception in the firewall for some executables in the minecraft folder that need internet access. Therefore:

  1. Click on At begin menu and select the settings Symbol.
  2. In the settings Click on At “updates and security” Possibility.
  3. Choose “Windows security” in the left pane and select “Firewall and network protection” Possibility.
  4. scroll down and to select over there “Allow an app through the firewall” Possibility.
  5. Click on “change parameters” and choose “Yes‘ in the warning message.
  6. Choose “Allow other app» in the options and click «Travel
  7. surfing Game facilities directory and to select the game and the rocket launcher executable.
  8. now to repeat the above process again and this time surfing in the directory where you have them Minecraft the waiters Furnished.
  9. open the”maxwell“folder then die”Minecraft servers” Binder.
  10. authorize now both that Java executable files located in the folder in the same way.
  11. now to repeat the process again and instead of “Allow other app“after selection”Cash“Just scroll through the list of available apps and allow all”Java platform SE binary” Options for both the “Private“Y”audience“Nets.
    Applications that must be allowed through the firewall
  12. Open minded the minecraft launcher, try it shortcut to the server and Check to see if the problem persists.
    Allow an app through the firewall

Add IP address and port before connection

If the IP address you are using is not static, it will change every two days or every time the internet connection is restored. So in this step we will verify the correct IP address and port for the game and add it to the Minecraft launcher. Therefore:

  1. Click on in the Windows toolbar search bar and type “System icon“.
  2. To the rightClick on click the icon and select “Class as administrator“.
    Right-click on the command prompt icon and select Run as administrator
  3. paste Inside “ipconfigand note that “IPv4 Direction“.
    At the command prompt, type ipconfig
  4. Likewise, surfing to the “Minecraft server folder > Maxwell (some random numbers) > MinecraftServer” and open the “server properties“Text document.
    Open the Server Properties text document and note the server port
  5. Note the “service portit is listed there. In our case it was “25565“In most cases it should be similar, but in some cases it isn’t.
  6. now open minded Minecraft and surfing to the “play multiplayer” Possibility.
  7. To select the server you want to join by clicking on it and “To edit‘ from the following options.
    Click on the server and select “Edit”
  8. The server name can be anything you like, but the “address” should be, for example, the IPv4 address we wrote down and the port number”.XXX.XXX.XX:25565” that “25565” is the port number and may vary.
    Edit the server address and click Done
  9. Click on “Done“, click on “To update“J Check to see if the problem persists.
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Note: Some applications are generally incompatible with certain elements of Minecraft and cause problems with them. The list of candidates can be found here. If they are installed on the computer running the server or on your computer, you will still have problems with the game.

Check port filtering

We have encountered many cases where users accidentally filter ports. Even if port forwarding worked fine, filtering will automatically break it and you won’t be able to connect to the Minecraft servers.

Here you can check the network settings of your router and your local computer and make sure that port filtering is not activated and if so, the right ports are being filtered.

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Check ISP network access

If none of the above methods work, you should check your ISP’s network access. ISPs sometimes block network access to certain domains and discourage you from doing so. Contact your ISP and make sure they aren’t blocking internet access.

In addition, you can also switch your internet connection to 3G from your smartphone and see how it works for you. If this is the case, it probably means your ISP is blocking you and you need to switch networks.

If Minecraft works on mobile data, it means your ISP is blocking the connection. In this case, contact your ISP to solve your problem.

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