How to Enable and Disable the Windows Key

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The Windows key is found on all keyboards and we use this key for various actions. When you press the Windows key, the Start menu opens. You can also use the Windows key in combination with another key. For example, pressing Windows Key + E opens Windows Explorer or File Explorer, pressing Windows Key + R opens a Run dialog, and many other keyboard shortcuts. If the Windows key is not working properly, you will not be able to perform these actions. Why does this problem occur?

There are several reasons why the Windows key is not working, including an issue with your keyboard, system settings, game settings, or application settings.

We will show you how to fix the problem using 5 different methods. These methods are compatible with operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10. I hope you are using at least Windows 7 as Microsoft no longer supports older operating systems. If you are among the users who want to disable Windows key while playing games, you can do it after reading this article.

Method 1: Press Fn + F6 or Fn + Windows keys

In the first method, we use combination keys to activate or deactivate the Windows key. please press Fn+F6 to enable or disable the Windows key. This procedure is compatible with computers and laptops regardless of the brand used. Also, try pressing the “Fn + Windows” key, which can sometimes make it work again.

Method 2: Press Win Lock

Are you using a gaming keyboard? Otherwise, you should read the next method. If you are using a gaming keyboard, check if the Win Lock key is on your keyboard. If yes, you need to press this key to activate or deactivate the Windows key. Few users have solved their problem by pressing Win Lock key on their gaming keyboard including Logitech G15 keyboard model. If you cannot find the Win Lock button, please refer to the technical documentation for your gaming keyboard.

Method 3: Modify the registry settings

If combination keys don’t work well, you need to enable Windows key through Registry Editor. Before making registry settings, you should back up the registry database. Why do you need to back up the registry? In case of an incorrect configuration, you can restore the registry to the previous state, when everything worked without problems. For this method, you need to use a user account with administrative privileges because the standard user account cannot make any changes to the system. How do I secure the registry? Read the instructions in this LINK and follow the procedure in method 4, out of step 1 to the step 7. After that you need to download and run the registry file from this LINK. Additionally, if you want to disable Windows key, you need to download and run the registry key from this LINK.

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Method 4: Clean the keyboard

If your keyboard is dirty and there is dust between the keys, you need to clean it. Sometimes dust can block some of your keys, including the Windows key. Based on this, we recommend cleaning your keyboard. Please follow the procedure below.

For computers:

  1. Disconnect the keyboard from the computer
  2. Clean the keyboard
  3. Reconnect the keyboard
  4. Windows Trial Key

For notebooks:

  1. turn off your laptop
  2. Disconnect the AC-DC adapter from the laptop
  3. Disconnect the laptop battery
  4. Clean the keyboard
  5. Reconnect the battery
  6. Reconnect AC DC
  7. Turn on your laptop
  8. Windows Trial Key

Method 5: Replace the keyboard

If cleaning your keyboard didn’t solve your problem, we recommend replacing your keyboard with a new one. Before you buy a new keyboard, you should try your computer keyboard on another computer or connect a different keyboard to your current computer or laptop. If you are using a laptop, connect the USB keyboard to your laptop and check if it works properly. If another keyboard works fine on your computer, you need to buy a new keyboard. Before you buy a new keyboard, check if your branded computer, keyboard, or laptop comes with a warranty. In this case, the seller will replace your keyboard free of charge.

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