How to Draw an Owl – Step by Step Instructions

This time we are going to show you not one but two easy to follow tutorials on how to draw an owl step by step. Both owl-guided drawing tutorials are very easy, the first one will have you draw a cartoon-like owl, while the second will guide you to draw a more realistic (but incredibly easy) owl.

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How to draw an owl

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Owls are really beautiful and a wonderful bird to draw during the fall season. With this night bird, we couldn’t have just one tutorial because there are so many ways to draw one, so we’re sharing two. A more whimsical owl that shines when finished with different colors and one that is more realistic but very easy to draw.

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How to draw an owl step by step

How to draw with owl guide

What do you need:

step 1

Start by drawing a slightly chubby U shape.
Draw a U shape

2nd step

Join the ends of the U shape with a curved “valley”.


step 3

Draw the eyes. Start with the outer circles, then draw another circle inside the first one.

draw the eyes

step 4

Draw a beak between the eyes.


step 5

Add detail around the eyes – small loops going around both eyes (younger kids can skip this step).

eye details

step 6

Draw two curved lines for the wings.

at the

step 7

Add feet.


step 8

Draw details on the owl’s belly and wings.

add final details

step 9

You just learned how to draw an owl. Color in your drawing of an owl.

color in the picture of the owl

step 1

Start by drawing an oval shape for the owl’s head.

Oval shape for the head.

2nd step

Draw a beak on the bottom half of the oval shape.

pull a beak

step 3

Draw another oval or “flat heart” shape out of the beak.

feathers around the eyes

step 4

Draw two large black (or other colored) circles for the owl’s eyes.

Finish the eyes

step 5

Continue drawing two triangular shapes on the owl’s head to make the owl’s “ears” – the feathers.


step 6

The U-shape under the head forms the body.

U shape for the body.

step 7

Two curved lines on the side complete the fenders.

step 8

Finishing touches: Draw the feet and an inverted U-shape in the body to add detail to the owl’s body.

feet and abdomen

step 9

Complete! You have learned how to draw an easy and more realistic owl. Now all you have to do is color your owl drawing.

Color your owl drawing

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How to draw an owl

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