How to Draw a Snail (cute) – Easy Step by Step Tutorial

You’re just a few strokes with a marker or pencil away from learning how to draw a snail. Grab our printable guide and draw as you go, from the helmet to the antennas.

This easy to follow step by step tutorial will teach you or your kids how to draw a cute cartoon snail in no time.

How to Draw a Snail - An easy step by step drawing tutorial to teach you or your kids how to draw a cute cartoon snail.

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Spring is the perfect season for this learn to draw all kinds of flowers, bugs, insects and creatures.

We’ve already shared a few drawing lessons that fit that description, so be sure to check them out (and here are a few)

Next is this adorable little snail – we made the tutorial easy to follow for both kids and drawing beginners.

How to draw a snail step by step tutorial

Instructions on how to draw snails for children and beginners.

What do you need

  • our printable drawing guide (available at the end of the tutorial, totally optional)
  • pencil or marker
  • paper

Follow the drawing instructions

step 1

To make the snail shell look reasonably realistic (and not just a circle), start by drawing a curved line at an angle. Like trying to draw half a lens.

Start by drawing a line at an angle

2nd step

Now draw the shell. Starting at the top of the line you drew earlier, start drawing a circle/oval shape and bring it to the bottom of the line from step 1.

pull the shell

step 3

Do the spiral in the snail shell. Start where you left the outer loop and work your way to the middle of the spiral. You just drew a snail shell!

make a spiral

step 4

Now that the helmet is complete (minus some details we’ll add at the end) it’s time to work on the body. You can start with the right side of the shell and draw the “tail” first, or start with the left side and draw the head first, whichever side feels most natural to you.

step 5

Draw two tentacles at the top with rounded shapes for the eyes.

pull tentacles

step 6

final details. Draw the eyes and the mouth. Draw a U shape with your mouth and two more U shapes at each end. just right? Also do some details about the shell, but these are entirely optional. Congratulations, you have just completed your snail drawing.

final details


Finally, bring your snail drawing to life by coloring it.

color in your snail drawing

Get the printable How to Draw a Snail

How to draw a snail

Good drawing!

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