How to Draw a Shark

Next in our drawing series, we will learn how to draw a shark! It’s an incredibly easy way to draw one, so perfect for beginners and kids (preschool and kindergarten).

He’s sure to be wild and attracted in no time!

How to draw a step by step tutorial to draw a shark

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We continue our sea creature drawing tutorials with a ferocious looking shark.

Not long ago we learned how to draw a dolphin, so it’s only fair to draw a sea creature that is often portrayed as the enemy of the dolphin. Well, as the enemy of almost everything.

This fiery fish sends shivers through your bones and I certainly wouldn’t be thrilled to find one in the ocean. But that doesn’t mean these animals aren’t amazing. I mean just look at his gazzilion teeth. how awesome are they

Regardless of what characteristics this animal has, it’s definitely fun to draw, so let’s learn how to draw it together.

Learn to draw a shark tutorial and printable

Learn to draw a shark

We’re sharing a super easy to follow shark drawing tutorial, so it’s perfect for preschoolers or kindergarteners (older kids and kids at heart, of course). We gave our shark a dirty look because it looks great on him.

What do you need:

  • our printable template (you will get it at the end of this drawing tutorial)
  • sheet of paper
  • Printer
  • black marker (or pencil, colored pencil, …)

Optional: Medium Dye to color your finished designs.

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Watch the video tutorial

Or follow this drawing guide step by step

At the end of this drawing tutorial you will find our printable template for directional drawing.

Let’s do this! Start by drawing a curved line – this line will become your shark’s back.

Next it’s time to draw the mouth. Start at the left end of the curve you drew in the previous step.

Draw a small curve and finish it with an inverted V shape. That’s the end of the mouth. The worst is over.

Draw a fin about in the middle. No need to be super specific.

Draw a shark fin

Draw a curve from the tip of the mouth to the fin. Also draw a fin curve at the end of the first curve.Draw the missing fins and tail. One fin above, one below and a curled tail. Also draw a circular eye.

Draw the remaining fins.Only the surfaces remain.

Draw pointed triangular teeth in the mouth.

Draw three gills.

Finally add a slanted line above the eye for the angry look.

Congratulations! You just learned how to draw a shark. You see, it was easier than you thought.

You can add more details to your picture, a few fish here and there and even some waves.

Get the printable PDF pattern How to draw a fish step by step here

How to draw a shark

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