How to Draw a Horse Step by Step Tutorial for Kids (Cartooning)

Grab your marker or pencil because today you will learn how to draw a horse. As in all our drawing tutorials, you can get a printable sheet with all the steps.

This is a great tutorial for kids and beginners as it shows you how to draw a cartoon style horse, a super easy and cute one.

How to Draw a Horse – A step-by-step guide to drawing horses for kids and beginners. Learn to draw a horse in cartoon style in no time.

How to Draw a Horse - A step-by-step guide to drawing horses for kids and beginners.  Learn to draw a horse in cartoon style in no time.

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Our drawing tutorials for kids and adults will help you master easy and slightly more difficult objects and animals in no time. We test all our tutorials, both with kids and with my partner who always claims he’s the worst at drawing.

This horse drawing lesson will help you to draw a cartoon horse in 9 easy steps (it’s an error free game and you can make it even easier, we’ll get to that in the tutorial part). Most of our tutorials have 6 steps, but this one, like the drawing rose tutorial, needed a few more steps to make the process clear and easy to follow.

How to draw a horse – Drawing for children and beginners

Horse drawing tutorial

What do you need:

  • Feather
  • paper
  • Our printable template – optional – is provided at the end of the horse drawing tutorial

Instructions for drawing horses step by step

step 1

Start drawing the head. If you want to draw it easily, just draw a U shape, the horse drawing will always look more than cute. You can also create as we did, it will one day bring you closer to mastering a realistic horse.

Start by drawing a head.

2nd step

Draw the ears.

draw the ears

step 3

Draw the neck.


step 4

Let’s draw the facial features: eyes, nostrils and mouth.

facial features

step 5

Draw the legs. Start with the front leg, along the neckline, slightly higher and draw a line down, then to the right and back again. Next comes the back leg, you can draw it the same way you did the front leg or you can make it a little more realistic like we did in this step.

step 6

Draw the back. Start at the bow of the neck, go down a little and then keep going up as if to write a number two, wrap it and connect the back to the leg. Also draw the abdomen, draw a line from one leg to the other.

Draw the horse's back and belly.

step 7

In the same way as you did for the first pair of legs, draw the legs in the background as well.

legs down

step 8

Almost there! Draw the lines on the bottom of the legs to make the hooves. Draw the tail: Start at the top, loop as if doing a loose number 2 (or backwards S 😉) and work your way up.

step 9

Last step and done unless you want to color your horse. Draw the mane. Start at the ear and zigzag backwards. Also draw a bit of mane between the ears. Complete! You just learned how to draw a horse. Pretty cute, right?

draw a mane

Take your pencils and color in the drawing of your horse.

Coloring the drawing of the horse

Get the printable How to Draw a Horse

how to draw a horse

happy drawing

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