How to Draw a Fox – Step by Step Fox Drawing Tutorial

Just follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a fox and your fox drawing will be ready in no time. It’s super easy and suitable for kids and beginners.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to draw a cute and simple cartoon fox that’s simple enough for preschoolers and cute enough for older kids (and you) to love too.

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How to draw a fox

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Autumn is the best time of year to learn all about forest animals and to draw them and other animals. This fox drawing tutorial is one of many step by step drawing tutorials that are super easy to master and will have you or your kids drawing great drawings in no time.

We aim to make our tutorials as simple as possible so they are perfect for young children.

Instructions for drawing a fox

Fox Guided Drawing step by step tutorial

What do you need:

Step-by-step drawing instructions for the fox.

step 1

Start by drawing a “valley” with a slightly triangular feel.

Start with a curve

2nd step

Draw an arc. This completes the shape of the fox head.

step 3

Draw the loops upside down.

Draw two arcs

step 4

Draw the ears and facial features: eyes and nose/snout. Keep the shapes simple.

Add ears, eyes and muzzle.

step 5

Draw the shape under the head, almost like drawing a heart, just without the top.

a sinuous line

step 6

Draw two legs.

step 7

Continue drawing the body.

Draw the rest of the body.

step 8

Then comes the queue.

draw a fox tail

step 9

And the final touch, the details of the tail.

Add details to the queue

Everything is ready: you just learned how to draw a fox.

Everything is done with the drawing of the fox.

step 10

Optional but fun: color in the drawing of your fox.

color in your fox drawing

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How to draw a fox

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