How to Draw a Fish Step by Step Tutorial for Kids + Printable

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Do you want to learn to draw a fish? We share the easiest tutorial that will teach you just that. With a step-by-step template to print out.

A few simple strokes and details and your fish is ready to swim – perfect for young children (kindergarten, preschool, first grade…) and people just starting out (e.g. beginners).


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There are many ways to draw a fish, but this drawing tutorial will show you what is probably the easiest way to draw a fish. Your kids (and you) will be learning how to draw a fish in no time!

To make things super easy, we’ve put together a video tutorial, step-by-step fish drawing guides you can follow, and even a printable template with guided drawing instructions. Just print and draw!

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We are very excited about our how to draw series, our first tutorial on how to draw a butterfly was well received, so we look forward to continuing!

Since the temperatures are already quite high here and we would love to jump into the sea to cool off, we’re going to share a series of tutorials on how to draw sea creatures, starting with this fish.

Ready to try this one? Print out the model and let’s draw!

How to draw a fish tutorial


Because this is the easiest fish out there (we’ll be sharing more fish in the future), it’s great for nursery and preschool use. Print out copies of our printable drawing template and build kids’ confidence in drawing.

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What do you need:

  • our printable template (you will get it at the end of this drawing tutorial)
  • sheet of paper
  • Printer
  • black marker (or pencil, colored pencil, …)

Optional: Medium Dye to color your finished designs.

Watch the video tutorial

Or follow this drawing guide step by step

At the end of this drawing tutorial you will find our printable template for directed drawing.

Start drawing a curved line. Go left, draw a curve and go down to the right.


Now draw the same curve in reverse direction. You can already see the shape of a fish.


Now draw a line for the head and for the tail.


draw fins. dorsal fin and one on the body.

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Let’s add some facial details. A beautiful smile and a beautiful round eye.


And some finishing touches. Draw details on the tail and fins and add some bubbles.

We won’t draw the fish scales in this tutorial, but we’ll add them when we color the drawing.


I hope you enjoyed this simple fish drawing tutorial and you will draw a lot of fish yourself.

Get Printable PDF Pattern How to Draw a Fish Step by Step Here


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