How to Draw a Dog – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for a Cute Cartoon Dog

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It’s time to draw dogs! Let’s learn how to draw a dog with this easy step by step tutorial. Simple, fast and fun!

In just six easy to follow steps you will learn how to draw a cute sitting dog. If your kids like cartoons, they will surely love this one.
How to Draw a Dog - step by step dog drawing tutorial that will show you a very easy way to draw a dog.  Kid friendly and comes with a printable dog drawing.

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We love how our collection of easy drawing tutorials keeps growing. We have already learned how to draw many different animals and objects together and I am very excited to share this puppy drawing tutorial with you.

This one is designed to be super simple, making it easy for both kids and adults to draw an adorable cartoon style dog.

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As with our other tutorials of this type, you can get the printable version with all the steps at the end so you can practice wherever you like (or use it in class).

How to draw a dog – step by step guided drawing

Instructions for drawing dogs

What do you need

  • our printable dog drawing (you can get it at the end of the tutorial)
  • marker or pencil
  • paper
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Instructions for drawing dogs

step 1

Start by drawing an oval shape. You can make it a perfect oval or make it a little more “square”. There’s nothing to complain about when it’s rounder. This will be the muzzle.

Start by drawing an oval shape.

2nd step

Continue making an inverted U over the oval drawn earlier. This will be the head. Do your nose too. You can make it round or more triangular.

snout and head

step 3

Draw the ears. We think floppy or folded ears are best, but feel free to draw spikes, buttons, or any other shape you like.

Draw two ears

step 4

Let’s finish the dog’s face. Draw two points for the eyes and two arcs above the eyes for the eyebrows. Draw a straight line for the muzzle and a wavy line for the mouth.

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Also do the front pair of legs.

Finish drawing the dog's face.  Also draw the front legs.

step 5

Time for the body!

you are almost ready

step 6

Finally, draw a pair of back legs and a curled tail.

Congratulations, you have learned to draw a dog.

Draw the dog's tail and hind legs.


After you’ve finished drawing your dog, it’s time to color it.

Color in the drawing of your dog

Get the dog led drawings to print here

how to draw a dog

Good drawing!

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