How to Draw a Diamond – Step by Step Diamond Drawing Tutorial (with printable)

Have you ever wondered how to draw a diamond? This step by step diamond drawing tutorial makes it super easy and you’ll be drawing it yourself in no time. Because we also provide a printable LED drawing with all the steps included, you can print and draw anywhere (or use it in class with your kids).

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How to draw a diamond: step-by-step guide to drawing diamonds.  Learn how to draw a perfect diamond in no time with our super easy tutorial.  Suitable for all ages - children and adults.

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Diamonds are pretty spectacular and a nice little object to draw on! You can draw them alone or use them to enhance your other creations such as: B. a unicorn drawing. You can also add some diamonds around (or on) the unicorn to make it more magical.

This is a foolproof tutorial, like all of our tutorials this one has been tested on different ages and skill levels and the end result has been perfect every time.

You can also easily turn this 2D image into a 3D diamond with some clever colors and shading (you can scroll down the page to see how we colored ours).

How to draw a diamond step by step?

Diamond Led Drawing Tutorial (With Printable Version)

What do you need

  • our printable diamond led drawing (optional, but you can get it at the end of this tutorial, save it to your computer, or print it out and use it right away).
  • paper
  • pens – pencil or marker
  • optional: art supplies – different shades of blue work best

Instructions for drawing diamonds

step 1

Start by drawing a straight line from left to right (or vice versa if that’s easier for you).

Start drawing a straight line

2nd step

Draw two diagonal lines that meet at the bottom (you should see a triangle).

step 3

Continue drawing two diagonal lines across the top (think “trapezoid”).

step 4

Connect the free ends with a straight line. You can already see the shape of the diamond.

step 5

Connect the top corners to the bottom ones by drawing two straight diagonal lines from top to bottom (or vice versa).

step 6

Finally, draw a “triangle” on top of your diamond design. Start at the point where the diagonal line you drew in the previous step intersects the horizontal line. From this point, draw a line that touches the top of the diamond (line) in the center. Continue drawing a line from this midpoint until it intersects with the other horizontal, diagonal line.

To add a bit of sparkle to your diamond design, you can also draw some lines next to it to represent the sparkle.

Congratulations! You learned to draw a diamond.


Now, to make your diamond drawing extra special, color it. When coloring your diamond, use different shades of blue (or any other color) to add an extra dimension to your design.

Learn how to draw a printable diamond LED drawing

How to draw a diamond

Good drawing!

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