How to Draw a Bear – Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Learning to draw a bear is easy with our step-by-step tutorial. Just follow a few steps and you will draw one of your own.

How to draw a bear step by step tutorial

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How to draw a bear step by step

Autumn is the perfect time to draw forest animals. When you’re done with that, why not try drawing a wolf as well, or even learn how to draw a fox? Meanwhile, drawing an owl is also very easy.

Bear led drawing guide

What do you need:

  • our printable drawing guide (optional)
  • black pencil or marker
  • paper

How to draw a bear step by step

step 1

Start by drawing a square oval shape for the head. It doesn’t have to be perfect at all!


2nd step

Next, draw the outer lines of the ears and the line of the snout. The head is already making good progress.


step 3

Finish the ears and draw ovals for the eyes and nose.


step 4

finish the head Draw the mouth, the dark circles and the eyebrows. The bear’s head is ready.


step 5

Continue drawing a curved line for the back.


step 6

Draw two legs.


step 7

Starting from the head, draw a curved line to the front leg. Continue the line from the front leg to the back leg to complete the belly.


step 8

Draw another pair of legs.


step 9

Complete your drawing with the tail and draw the claws on the bear’s paws. Complete! You learned to draw a bear!


step 10

Finally in your drawing bear adventure is to color your drawing.

last step

Get how to draw a bear printable here

How to draw a bear

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