How to deal 100 damage with one bullet in Fortnite

One of the Week 6 quests for Chapter 3 Season 2 in fourteen daysBattle Royale mode requires you to “deal 100 or more damage to an opponent with a single bullet.” You will need special weapons to do this, as most weapons are not capable of doing that much damage. Our weekly Fortnite quest guide explains how to easily dish out 100 damage with a single bullet.

The easiest way to accomplish the task is to use a Sniper rifle or certain shotguns. You can use:

  • Bolt action sniper rifle
  • heavy sniper rifle
  • Hunter Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
  • Storm Scout (Exotic, purchased from the Foundation at the Sanctuary)
  • Ranger shotgun
  • attack shotgun

Most of them require a headshot to deal 100 damage. But the higher the rarity, the more damage the weapon does, so if you use one Legendary Bolt-action sniper rifle, deals over 100 damage with a single bullet, even if it’s a body shot.

We recommend using either a heavy sniper rifle or a ranger shotgun (both deal over 100 damage alone, no headshot or high rarity version required). However, if you can’t find one, you can upgrade a bolt-action rifle to legendary status at a workbench.

If you choose the lower rarity headshot method, IoT Guardian make easy goals. We encourage you to find them at command cave or then Strength.

Completing this quest will grant you 20,000 XP, which should help you increase your Battle Pass level significantly.

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