How to create the ultimate kids’ reading corner

Bedroom with white walls and bookshelves

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Take your child’s inner nerd outside and create a special place for them to get lost in their favorite stories. When thinking about how to create the best reading corner for your child, you need to focus on a few key points, namely soft and comfortable seats and reading lights.

When it comes to sitting down, you can choose from different options, whether it’s a mom or dad chair big enough for you to snuggle. If you’re a fan of mid-century design, you can choose between a full-size and a mini version of the same Eames rocking chair, because who doesn’t love a mini version of anything? If you want a cushion that can hold a few kids for the average children’s book club, choose bean bags, floor mats, and bean bag chairs.

dinosaur night light

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To make the space comfortable and inviting, try incorporating your child’s favorite things into the system with quirky wall art or lighting, although you may want to consider lighting features to ensure you can see the text after dark.Dinosaur fans will love this dinosaur night light, £45 from Cox & Cox (opens in new tab).

find the right place

A reading nook doesn’t have to take up much space in a kid’s room. It’s okay to find a quiet place away from distractions (like the TV), but keep your parents focused so they can join in reading when they need to.

Children's room in the attic with book and toy corner

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Turn your reading nook into a TV-free space.

Playroom with bookshelves and blackboard

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If possible, within the reach of parents.

make it attractive

Choose bright and attractive color palettes that are appealing to children; better yet, involve children in decision-making by letting them choose their favorite colors, decorate the walls with their own artwork or create a book for their favorite book Framed cover. cave. wall.

Kids bedroom with blue kids room wallpaper

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Make it bright and comfortable. Soft Blue Dragon Sky Wallpaper, £75/roll,
Nubia (opens in new tab). Fox Cushion, £75, Donna Wilson (opens in new tab)

Children's artwork on white wall

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Decorate the walls with inspiring artwork.Art Prints Busy Childhood, £10, Busy at Notonthehighstreet (opens in new tab)

Topics related to frameworks and books

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Try a topic related to a book.Alice in Wonderland quotes, £20, Lucy at Notonthehighstreet liked this (opens in new tab)

be a good person

Seating is a must, whether it’s a comfy chair, a fitted sleeping bag or a comfy pillow and rug on the floor. Make sure the space is open and bright: If you don’t have windows or plenty of natural light, add lights so kids don’t have to read pages on dark days or after dark.

Star Print Red Children's Armchair

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Make sure you have a comfortable seat. Star Print children’s armchair, £95, Amazon (opens in new tab)

animal print bag

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Kids Safari Bean Bag, £29, Dunelm (opens in new tab)

yellow rocking chair on wooden floor

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RAR Eames Style Rocker, £44, Mini Eden (opens in new tab)

cat night light on table

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Hello Kitty lamp, £130, girly (opens in new tab)

Choose child-friendly storage

An adequate supply of books is the most important ingredient and a place to store books. Make sure the books are within reach (not too high or piled in towering piles) so that the little ones can grab them and walk away, hoping to put them back when they’re done. For pre-readers, it’s a good idea to display picture books with their covers facing out, if possible, so younger children can recognize at a glance the book they’re looking for.

Bookshelf on blue wall

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Greenaway Gallery Bookshop, £85, Great Little Trading Company (opens in new tab)

Children's room with wooden floor and shelves

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Grey Star Sling bookcase, £72, Great Little Trading Company (opens in new tab)

Wooden shelf on blue wall

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Picture racks, £7.90 each, IKEA (opens in new tab)

grey bookcase near hanging canvas and chairs

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Milne tall bookcase, £295, Aspace (opens in new tab)

Bedroom with bunk bed and bookshelf

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Floor shelf, £59, Tidy Books (opens in new tab)

white shelf with clock

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Bookbox, £79, Tidy Books (opens in new tab)

pink shelf on cream wall

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Bekvam spice racks (pink), £3 each, IKEA (opens in new tab)

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