How to clean windows – tips for getting streak-free sparkling windows inside and out

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  • Bring light back into your home with sparkling clean windows. From making your own window cleaner to trusting old newspaper hacks, there are plenty of ways to restore the shine to your windows.

    Never underestimate the power of cleaning windows in transforming a room, making it bright, bright, and good for the soul. Clean interior and exterior windows provide better visibility, look out, and make a good impression on the outside.

    While window cleaning is an easy job to clean and maintain, it’s often frustrating: When do streaks seem to make them worse? Follow the advice of our experts to always get the best results.

    How to Clean Windows

    Use a spray bottle and cleaning cloth to clean lightly soiled windows – with odd stains or stains. However, if you haven’t washed your windows in months, break the suction cups and clean them properly.

    Here’s what you need to get your windows cleaned to a professional finish:

    • Large dry brush or broom handle for removing cobwebs and dust
    • bucket
    • mushroom
    • spatula
    • Properly prepared window cleaner or vinegar
    • Kraft paper or newspaper
    • microfiber clothing
    • Dry with a lint-free or dry cloth

    1. Remove curtains and blinds before cleaning

    Begin by removing curtains and blinds. If possible, use and wash curtains or spray with an air freshener like Febreze. Use a dry broom or vacuum on the vacuum to remove dust or cobwebs around window corners and window sills.

    2. Make your own cleaning solution

    If you want to make your own cleaner, add two tablespoons of vinegar to a small bucket of warm water (but this won’t kill bacteria). If your windows crave a lot of love, add two tablespoons of household ammonia, but wear rubber gloves.

    Cleaning expert Lynsey Queen of Clean recommends using white wine vinegar to clean windows. “When you spray it, you don’t need much, it takes about 15 minutes and the smell goes away.”

    You can also wash windows with soapy water. Fill the tub with a solution of dish soap and warm water, but avoid too much soap as it will leave more stains if you let it dry. Start cleaning windows with a non-abrasive sponge.

    Better advice: Shared on the cleaning group forums, you should try some of the weirder tea bag cleaning tricks. Clearly, cold tea is the secret to having sparkling windows and glasses without getting drunk. Try cleaning tea bags at home with a rag dipped in a cup of cold black tea. Clean the tea surface and dry it with a clean soft cloth.

    3. Start with the framework

    Start with the frame first so that no water splashes on clean glasses. Towels made with a damp sponge will work too, but if they’re really dirty, use a mild wood cleaner or PVC cleaner.

    4. Use the S-shaped motion to clean the glass

    Clean your glasses by scrubbing them with warm soapy water. Dip the foam part of a sponge or spatula into the water, squeeze out the excess, and dab it into the glass. Lynsey recommends wiping windows thoroughly in an S shape. “Your microfiber cloth is S-shaped, so you might get stuck in pieces and yellow.”

    Push the rubber band of the squeegee down from the upper corner under the inverted S-shaped window. Wipe away foam, water and dirt with a lint-free cloth after each use. Stubborn stains may require a sponge.

    5. Wipe off excess cleaner to prevent streaks

    You can use an opaque finish. Also available in S format. Regularly clean the rubber wiper blades with a clean cloth to prevent the spread of dust and dirt. Wipe off any remaining water with a damp or microfiber cloth, then dry the windowsill.

    Avoid paper towels or cloths that can leave lint on the glass. The equipment with a U-shaped post on the upstairs exterior window is well worth the investment so you can’t climb out of the top-level window!

    Better advice: Worked for years in a barbershop full of mirrors and cleaning glasses with crumpled newspapers. Polish the windows with crumpled newspaper to make them sparkle. The paper helps absorb excess cleaning solution, leaving free streaks on the surface.

    Rub in a circular motion to remove dirt, then move vertically, then horizontally, until the liquid evaporates.

    6. Clean window edges

    Finally wipe off excess water or foam from the edges and windowsills with an absorbent cloth. Repeat the process within the window.

    Most window trim is polished with soapy water after washing. However, if you have white PVC, Lynsey recommends using a cream cleaner or bleach to keep them looking like new. “You can use white toothpaste. Let it work, and it will whiten the frame,” Lynsey advises.

    7. Choose the right time

    You might think that washing your windows is the ideal time to wash your windows on a sunny day, when light is more likely to spot stains. In fact, it is best to strive for cloudy days. Sunlight bounces off the glass and it’s hard to see how clean it is. It can also dry out the cleaning solution and leave unsightly streaks before you clean.

    Wash windows every two to three months, so there are fewer cleanings each time, as less buildup means they’re easier to clean.

    Do you have any tips for cleaning windows? We would love to hear from you.

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