How to clean grout in tiles – get wall and floor tiles looking as good as new

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  • Dealing with a discolored injection or a mold infection feels like a battle you’ll never win. But with our grout cleaning tips, it’s easy to keep your bathroom and kitchen intact.

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    Tile can often be made glossy by a quick spray of cleaning solution and light polishing with a clean cloth. However, intersecting grout lines are a whole different story.

    Mortars made from a mixture of water, cement and sand are usually light and porous. This results in a deadly combination that is prone to discoloration.

    In the bathroom, the culprit of stains is mold. These can leave a matte black finish in the grout and won’t look great in a spotless white bathroom. However, even the buildup of shampoo can change the unpleasant yellow color at the injection site.

    Mold isn’t a huge problem in the kitchen, but dish soap or spilled food can still make stains look dirty.

    Today, you can choose from a variety of colors of sealants. When planning to apply tile, keep in mind that black, pink, blue or even brown will resist any stains better than traditional white grout.

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    But if you decide to go white or notice that your pretty blush is starting to turn yellow, we’ve got a list of tried-and-true grout cleaning methods.

    When cleaning grout, always start with the gentlest method first. If you still can’t get the grout back to its original sheen, try each method in a stronger direction. We’ve listed each method of cleaning the injection site from the mildest to the strongest so you can decide which method is best for you.

    How to Clean Grout Without Chemicals

    what do you need

    • old electric toothbrush or brush
    • hot water


    Sometimes all injections require cleaning. Using a brush or an old electric toothbrush, scrub the seams in a twisting motion with warm water.

    You can buy specialized brushes, such as Lakeland’s Sonic Scrubber cleaner. Interchangeable heads fit easily between batteries and rotate 10,000 times per minute. You may find some warm water you need.

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    How to Clean Grout with Whitening Toothpaste

    what do you need

    • old electric toothbrush or brush
    • whitening toothpaste


    Scrub the seams with whitening toothpaste. Toothpaste should act as a mild abrasive to help remove all black tones.

    How to Clean Grout with Vinegar Spray

    what do you need

    • Scrub brush
    • white vinegar
    • A bottle of shower gel
    • hot water


    For light stains, a vinegar solution diluted with warm water will help the grout return to its original color.

    Pour half the vinegar and half warm water into a spray bottle. Spray on grout, let sit for five minutes, then scrub thoroughly with a stiff brush.

    Regular spraying with a vinegar spray is a great way to keep your grout in top shape between deep cleanings.

    How to Clean Grout with Baking Soda and Vinegar


    old toothbrush or brush

    sodium bicarbonate

    white vinegar


    This method is a favorite of clean influencer Lynsey Queen of Clean. “If the grout is discolored, mix it with a paste of baking soda and white wine vinegar,” he says.

    ‘Use a small brush or an old toothbrush to apply the mixture to the grout. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then rinse,” he added. “Your grout will look like new.

    How to Clean Grout with Bleach

    what do you need

    • toothbrush
    • bleach
    • sodium bicarbonate
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    It’s a good idea to stock up on bleach for stubborn grout stains that seem impossible to remove. Before starting work, be sure to open any windows or doors to ventilate the room.

    There are two ways to clean sealant with bleach. You can use it cleanly by pouring a small amount into a cup and moistening your old toothbrush before scrubbing.

    We recommend making this mixture with bleach and baking soda until it has the same ingredients as toothpaste. Apply to grout and let sit for 15 minutes. Take an old brush and wipe off the mixture, then rinse off with water or a damp cloth. Let the grout dry.

    How to clean grout in the shower?

    what do you need

    • Choose a solution from scratch
    • cotton buttons


    The tricky part about cleaning injectables in the shower is the tight corners. To make sure you can reach every nook and cranny when using vinegar or bleach, replace your toothbrush with a cotton swab.

    This will help secure the bottom corner or shower area.

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