How to clean a washing machine – 7 ways to keep yours fresh and healthy

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Cleaning a self-cleaning device might sound strange at first, but when you think about it, it does make a lot of sense. It won’t wash in a dirty tub or shower, so to make sure your clothes get the cleanest possible wash, you need to know how to clean your washing machine.

Regular inspections of your washing machine help prevent mold, odor, and damage to your clothes, and keep them from spoiling, so little maintenance and cleaning is enough.

Follow our guides and the best advice from experts and your washing machine will be back in top shape.

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1. Clean the detergent drawer

The detergent drawer can be a hiding place for bacteria, powdery mildew, and mold, and it’s a small space that gets dirty faster than you think because you’re designed for cleaning clothes and sheets. at this place!

For best results, remove the entire case and use with an old toothbrush and standard household cleaner. If you are not sure how to remove the cover, please refer to the instruction manual. Don’t forget to clean the cavity of the box. Spotless in just a few minutes, your clothes will instantly feel fresher.

2. Filter cleaning

Dirt filters are designed to protect your washing machine’s pump by keeping out lint, loose towels, coins, and general dirt. This means that just like the detergent drawer, it’s where bacteria gather. It’s also warm and humid, making it an ideal breeding ground for odors to get into your machines…and clothes.

Disband? Empty regularly to remove lint and dirt that has built up inside. Filters in washing machines are usually located behind a hinged lid on the bottom of the machine. Check the user manual if you are not sure. Carefully loosen the emergency drain hose and place the container or dish on the ground beneath it.

Unplug the power cord and drain the remaining water. Insert the plug, remove the bowl and place the towel on the floor. Carefully tighten or loosen the filter cover. Any trapped debris will escape with the trapped water, but check inside the cavity to be sure. Wipe, clean all parts and replace covers. Double check that you have replaced the cap correctly to avoid accidental leaks.

3. Drum cleaning

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While the inside of your washing machine looks perfectly clean, it probably isn’t. There are many nooks and crannies where bacteria can hide and die. The best way to do this is to vacuum clean it every two months.

To clean your washing machine, recycle it when it is empty, then add the detergent directly to the drum. It doesn’t have to be a long cycle, it just needs to be hot. The best hot wash should be 60 degrees. This will kill bacteria, eliminate odors, and prevent soap scum and limescale from building up in hard-to-see areas.

Cleaning expert Lynsey Queen of Clean recommends sparkling crystals: “Pour 500ml directly into the tub and run through the hottest washing machine.”

4. Avoid odors

Have you ever opened the door of your washing machine and smelled an unpleasant musty smell? This may be because the wet conditions of new powered machines are perfect for mold growth.

Opening the washer door slightly after washing allows air to circulate around the tub, which can help prevent bacterial growth and reduce the associated musty odor. This is even more important in hot summer weather.

Make sure the outside drain hose is also free of debris and cleaned regularly as odors may return to the machine.

5. Clean the doormat

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It’s easy to forget the gap between the door and the drum when you’re pushing clothes into the machine and taking them out wet. Rubber seals help keep water from splashing on the kitchen floor or laundry room, which is also a hiding place for excess detergent and dirt. If you let it build up, it can turn into mold and become increasingly difficult to remove.

Before and after each wash, wipe the gasket with a cloth damp enough to keep this part of the machine in good working order. It also means that when you hang clean clothes to dry, they won’t pick up new dirt.

6. Use the right detergent

When you see a wide variety of detergents on supermarket shelves, it’s easy to think about the effect they can have on your clothes. Interestingly, too much foam and fabric softener can leave residue in the machine, which can lead to odors and mildew.

In short, if you want to be more washing machine friendly (and make it last longer), use powder instead of liquid. When you know what to wear and how to wash your clothes, you get better wash results every time. This sounds too obvious, but wow!

7. Clean the washing machine regularly

The best way to get rid of washing machine odors is to prevent the machine from producing original odors. That means you’re adding washer cleaning to your chores list.

Cleaning queen Lynsey Crombie recommends cleaning your washing machine every two weeks. “I wash my washing machine every two weeks. Especially in the hot summer, the washing machine starts to smell better,” she explains.

If you can’t keep up, try At least Once a month. Just try not to wait until it starts to smell too bad.

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If your washing machine still smells good, it may not be enough to save you money and you may need to buy a new washing machine.

But before you ditch the towels, try these helpful washing machine cleaning tips, as it might just take TLC to make your skin fairer.

How to deep clean a washing machine?

“It’s important to make sure your washing machine is cleaned regularly, as bacteria can build up and create unpleasant odors,” says Susan Fermore, marketing director at Dr. Beckman. “We recommend machine washing every 2 months or 30 times to keep the machine clean and reduce the risk of limescale buildup. Dr. Beckmann’s Service-it deep cleaner cleans the machine and kills 99.9% of bacteria and microbes.

“Pour the powder directly into the bottom of the dishwasher or washing machine drum, then select the standard cleaning program and run the cycle. The washing machine smells good and is hygienic.

How to clean a smelly washing machine?

While there are many specialty products you can buy to get rid of washing machine odors, opt for a more natural approach and use common wardrobe products. Baking soda and white vinegar are the two ingredients you’ll need, so put them together first, add 1/4 cup to 1/4 cup water, and pour the solution into your washing machine’s detergent drawer. Next, you put 2 cups of white wine vinegar in the tub and run a high heat cycle to empty the machine. Baking soda and vinegar combined with high heat will eliminate any unpleasant odors and keep the machine clean as new.

What do you wash in the washing machine?

If a vinegar and baking soda solution doesn’t work for you, or you want to improve it a little, try some Dettol 5-in-1 washing machine cleaners, which remove mold, prevent odors, and remove grime. However, if you continue to clean the machine, keep the door open between washes and handle with care, you shouldn’t be using harsh chemicals too often, which is a good thing.

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