How to clean a sofa – handy cleaning tips to spruce up your seating

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  • With constant use, it is difficult for our sofas to remain free of limescale, dust and stains. You choose what you think is the best sofa, but when the kids climb on them, pets sleep on them, and many of us like to dine on our laps from time to time, it’s no wonder they don’t. Looks as fresh as the day it was purchased.

    Don’t worry though, as we’re delivering our “How to Clean the Sofa” guide to our Mrs. Hinchi and it’ll tell you everything you need to know. Whether your living room sofa is the ideal, beautiful soft fabric sofa, luxurious velvet design or delicate leather, we’ve found the best way to keep your sofa clean enough. Really make your meal!

    How to clean a sofa |

    There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to sofa cleaning. A lot depends on the fabric of your sofa and whether it has a loose or hard shell, so be sure to check the label to find out which type of cleaner (water-based or solvent-based) you can use. Detergent is the best way to clean them.

    There’s a lot of debate about whether it’s machine washable, with many finding that later covers don’t look the same or look shabby. Manufacturers often say “dry clean only” to avoid this outcome. However, some people swear by putting loose washer covers in the washer and saying they will look like new. It’s about the courage to wash the sofa yourself.

    Regular maintenance is also key to keeping your sofa clean, so weekly cleaning or brushing will help keep your sofa in top condition and prevent dirt build-up from fading or fraying fabrics. .

    You should also deal with any spills immediately, dabbing with a paper towel or soft cloth to absorb moisture, rather than rubbing, which can cause spills to penetrate deeper into the fabric.

    Check out the different fabrics for sofa and upholstery cleaning…

    How to Clean a Leather Sofa |

    Leather sofas are often chosen for their durability and easy-to-clean materials, but how do you make sure your models stay in good shape?

    1. Give it some space

    First, vacuum and use the attached brush (if you have one) to remove any dirt so you don’t scratch the material.

    2. Dust off

    Wipe off dust with a clean cloth; it’s best not to use water or cleansers, as some skin types can be sensitive and penetrate easily.

    3. Use a specialized skin cleanser

    Gently clean the sofa with a leather cleaner. ‘one A high-quality care professional will help clean and care for your sofa, restoring its leather luster and maintaining its softness and elasticity,” says Suzy McMahon, Sofology Purchasing Manager. “Use this balm twice a year so your skin doesn’t fade or change. Dry. “

    How to Clean a Fabric Sofa |

    Fabric sofas are easier to clean than you might think, no matter how light the coating is, including grey and neutral sofa bed ideas.

    1. Clean surface dirt

    Start by removing pillows and cushions, inspect the sides and back for loose replacement or candy wrappers, and vacuum your sofa with upholstery. Make sure to vacuum the seams and crevices and repeat the same for all gaskets.

    2. Check the labels

    Before you start cleaning your sofa cover, check the label for products you can use on your sofa.

    • W means you can only use water-based cleaners. S or P for solvent cleaning only (dry cleaning only).
    • SW or WS means you can use a water-based or solvent-based cleaner. Using a steam cleaner is also very good.
    • Finally, an X means you can’t use water or detergent on the surface; instead, have it professionally cleaned.

    If your sofa allows, wipe the cushions with a clean damp cloth to remove dirt and prevent stains.

    3. Remove any stains or odors

    There are many simple home treatments that can help remove stains and debris. First, white vinegar is a great natural stain remover that works on most upholstery fabrics. Clean the stain with equal parts vinegar and a water solution, then dab the stain with a microfiber cloth (only use a new cloth or make sure to clean it completely). Do this with a mixture of mild detergent and warm water to get rid of any lingering vinegar smell and let it air dry.

    Baking soda is great for deodorizing chairs: Apply it to exposed areas, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, and then vacuum.

    4. Steam it

    Cleaning expert and Instagram celebrity Lynsey Queen of Clean vows to keep your sofa looking its best with a steam cleaner. “I use my own hand steamer to clean,” Lynsey explains. Steam makes it refreshing. It kills all germs and germs on the sofa. If there are points, it helps those points go up,” he added.

    Unfortunately, steam cleaning may not completely remove the stain and you will need to redo it with a stain remover, but it will give your sofa a new look indefinitely.

    How to clean the velvet sofa?

    In the past, velvet wasn’t suitable for people with pets and/or small children, but today’s easy-care fabrics (mostly no longer silk) create a luxurious look. Remove it easily afterwards.

    1. Remove dirt.

    Gently vacuuming is the key to cleaning a velvet sofa, so use a slow, rotating motion to remove debris. Another option is to use a lint roller, which gets the job done quickly and easily; however, you’ll need a vacuum to clean pads and hard-to-reach areas.

    2. Brush him

    You can buy soft metal brushes designed for velvet, and they’re great for keeping your sofa shiny. Be sure to brush in the direction of the fluff.

    3. Treat it like steam

    If your sofa allows it (you should check the label to see if you can use water on the sofa), use a hand steamer to prevent marks and wrinkles. Use on a low setting and keep moving the vaporizer to avoid leaving the vaporizer on too long and damaging the fabric.

    How to clean stains on sofa?

    “Speed ​​is key for splashes and stains,” says Suzy McMahon of Sofzy. “Once you spot a stain, try wiping it with water and a kitchen towel, avoiding rubbing the cloth as this can spread the paint. Wipe off with soapy water and a clean white cloth. until the paint is gone.

    ‘To avoid leaving water spots after wiping, we recommend moistening the color-fixing cloth with boiling water in a kettle, then lightly wiping the entire panel or gasket from seam to seam. . This helps prevent water spots when the fabric dries.

    How often should a sofa be cleaned?

    It’s easy to skip cleaning the upholstery until a spill or mystery stain appears, but given how often the sofa is used and the amount of dirt it may accumulate, you should replace it weekly if you want it to look better. .A vacuum cleaner quickly removes any dirt that may stain the sofa and affect the material over time.

    “It is undeniable that sofas require regular maintenance,’s Patricia Gibbons says that no matter how hard you try to keep your new sofa as spotless as it came home, it’s inevitable that some nasty stains will develop over time. Give your sofa a new look.

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