How to clean a BBQ – 16 ways to get your grill clean after winter

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  • After the first rays of sunshine, we Brits took the opportunity to dine al fresco and enjoy a BBQ with friends. But after a long, cold winter, our grills may not be in top shape, so you need to know how to clean your grill.

    An outdoor stove is the best way to cook in the garden, even if you only have room for a portable mini grill.but noto I suspect the last time you saw your grill it was dusty on the fence, still cluttered on the last few grills last summer. If so, it’s time to grit your teeth, put on your rubber gloves, and start rubbing.

    Yes, elbow grease is the first way to get things going, but that’s only so far. Depending on the state of your grill when you store it, you may not only need muscle, but the right way to choose your grill.

    Declan Kingsley-Walsh, MD, Morsø, UK advises: “The cleanliness of a grill depends a lot on its material. Cast iron can be used outdoors year-round, so it won’t rust like other materials like cast iron or metal. But It can also be easily cleaned with hot water.” Water and sponge cake, the cake is also delicious after cooking after it has cooled. ‘

    How to Clean Your Grill |

    Not only is this a step-by-step guide to cleaning your grill, we’ve also added some tips to keep your grill clean all summer long. Also, be sure to keep the gas, charcoal, and lighter separate so you can start grilling as soon as the heat rises. Even if you’re looking for a new grill this summer, it’s a good idea to properly clean it before you start cooking!

    1. First check all parts

    If the grill is removable, remove the grill from the warehouse or garage; if it is outside, dry it and inspect it for damage or rust. Check that the knobs are loose, that the hinges are intact, and that all blisters and nets have been properly replaced. Clean up any cobwebs or spiders that have entered your home in the winter and wipe everything down with a damp cloth first.

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    2. Heating

    If there are leftovers from last year’s food, burn fresh coals on a griddle and let them heat up to high heat. This will burn off more stubborn residue. Dan Cooper, Weber’s head of grilling, advises: “Preheat the grill for about 30 minutes; be aware that the dirtier the grill, the more smoke it will emit.

    3. Clean the grill newspaper and steam

    Lynsey cleaning queen has a little trick for cleaning up a messy grill with the help of newspaper. Let the grill cool slightly, but while it’s still hot, place an old newspaper on top and spray liberally with water. Cover and steam for half an hour.

    Lynsey explains: “Take a newspaper, put it on the grill you’re using, then take a bottle of water from the shower and spray the newspaper on it. Open the lid and this will clean your grill. It will clean Your grill. All the grease, all the grease, and all the food, for you.

    4. Scrub the grill

    Use a grill brush with a wire brush to remove any remaining food particles. If you have a ceramic grill, it’s best to use a brass grill brush to avoid damage. Don’t have a BBQ brush? Roll the foil into a ball and rub on a baking sheet. Next, clean the grill with a kitchen towel and hot soapy water.

    If this doesn’t remove the grime, you can try a household cleaner. However, some can be abrasive and toxic on the grill, so be sure to buy a cleaning tool designed for the job, such as the Jeyes Grill Cleaner, 3.50 lbs 750 ml, B&Q.

    5. Wash with onions

    You don’t think it’s great to use onions for a clean bake. ‘not necessarily clean The savior is an onion attached to a fork,” says the Home Essentials team.

    Onions have natural antibacterial properties, and if you’re cooking with charcoal, you can add used onions directly to the charcoal for extra flavor.

    6. Use Sparkling White Vinegar for BBQ

    White vinegar is a favorite for cleaning home interiors and is a great alternative to stainless steel cleaners. Using the remaining spray bottle, add half white wine vinegar and half water. Spray on the grill, wait 5 minutes, then wipe off with a clean dry towel.

    7. Brush the grill with cooking oil

    This method may not sound good for cleaning, but it will keep food from sticking and your grill from rusting. Be sure to apply sunflower oil before use and rub in the same way after use. Your grill will thank you.

    8. Clean the grill base

    After the grill has cooled, pour the remaining ash into the bucket; if you leave it outside, it will collect moisture and be harder to clean later. Using a damp kitchen roller to pick up the last pieces, or vacuuming outdoors is an easy way to pick up the remaining pieces. Then rinse the base thoroughly with warm water and dish soap.

    9. Add tomato paste to remove rust

    It turns out that ketchup is more than just sauce for burgers and hot dogs! We have the coolest Lynsey Crombie Queen, thanks for this clever spice cleaning trick! “Ketchup is a great rust remover!” he says, perfect for last summer’s outdoor barbecue. Apply only a small amount to all rusted areas and let it sit for a few minutes to see how it works.

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    10. Pour in a drop of beer

    Baking and beer go hand in hand, so if there is beer left after baking, pour it on the grill while it’s still hot. Then brush it again with a wire brush to make it shiny. Don’t waste a good beer and fear not, this is a smart way to make your grill shine. Lynsey advises: “Clean your grill with beer. You’re running out of beer,” he said during his performance this morning. “The acid in the beer helps clean it (your roast). “

    11. Soak the roaster in the coffee.

    “Believe it or not, you can use coffee as a cleanser,” says the team at Home Essentials. Try soaking your grill and utensils in coffee (boiling water and coffee grounds) to remove stubborn stains. The acid in coffee can remove dirt.

    12. Clean with aluminum foil

    While you can use a special pumice stone to clean your grill, it will do the same job for the scraps of aluminum foil you use for cooking. “If you’re using aluminum foil on the grill, twist it into a ball and rub it in,” says Lynsey Crombie. “He started taking food away.” We love a good budget option for cleaning supplies!

    13. Clean the exterior

    Clean the exterior with fresh warm water and dish soap, and polish the metal case with a dry cloth. If your grill is made of stainless steel, use a special polishing spray. You should also coat the grill with mineral oil or baby oil to protect it from harmful substances. This is very important if you plan to leave your grill outside and keep it bright all summer.

    “Weber offers a wide range of stainless steel and enamel cleaners that will give your bakes a radiant finish,” says Dan. ‘For the best shine, I use a microfiber polishing cloth. Once everything is in place, you are ready to go! ‘

    14. Always Cover

    Keeps dirt clean all summer long. It sounds silly, but covering your grill to protect it from the weather will save you a lot of work in the long run. Most grill brands have lids. Typically, you’ll pay more for them, but they’ll prevent rust and dirt from becoming uncookable.

    15. Stay up to date

    Now that your grill looks intact, use a grill cleaner after each use to make sure it stays in top shape. HG Grill & Grill Cleaner, £5.47 for 500ml on Amazon, does the job perfectly.

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    16. If time is against you, you can cheat cleaning the grill.

    Try quick antibacterial wipes. We love the Double Sided Landman BBQ Wipes, £17.99, $40 on Amazon. Alternatively, you can skip the scrubbing process and rinse the grill in a pressure washer, or put the grill in the dishwasher if appropriate.

    How do I clean the grill after cooking?

    “Like anything else, your grill sometimes needs little maintenance, and using the right products can extend the life of your grill and keep it going,” said Dan Cooper, head of grills at Weber. It looks like new all year long,” said Dan Cooper, Weber’s head of grills.

    ‘Once your grill is cool, remove all grills and interiors and clean everything with a T-brush and scraper. The appetizers should be loosened with force to remove carbon deposits from the pan, which will ensure all fat passages are clean. I definitely recommend wearing rubber gloves for this part! When done, put all clean pieces back on the grill. Be careful not to shower or put parts in the dishwasher as this may cause some parts to rust.

    Wait for the grill to cool a bit, but before it cools to ice, use the cleaning product of your choice. It might seem boring to do it right away, but your future self will be grateful, which means you’re ready to hang out with friends next time. If you have a charcoal grill, you’re in luck, as a little cleaning will help. First soften the scum with a baking brush and a bucket of soapy water, then scrub thoroughly to remove stubborn grease.

    How do I clean the inside of the grill?

    “If you haven’t used your grill in a while, it most likely needs a good deep cleaning of the springs,” says Dan. “If not maintained regularly, they tend to accumulate all kinds of dirt,
    Especially if left outside for a long time. Charcoal grills, pellet grills, electric grills, and gas grills require slightly different cleaning methods, depending on the individual components.

    “First, it’s important to start with the right tool. Weber sells a wide range of cleaning tools and products, as well as a variety of complete cleaning kits.

    “No matter what type of grill you have, I always recommend deep cleaning at least once a year. Do this as needed so you can have an easy grilling season.

    If you want to stay ahead and really clean your grill after winter, you should take care of the inside of your grill.

    “A lot of fat and flakes of food usually end up on the grill, also known as the ‘oven,'” says Jeyes expert. Empty and wash with mild detergent and warm water. Or use an old spoon. ‘

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