How to Change Your Nickname on Discord Servers?

There are different servers for all kinds of purposes. Users need a different nickname on the class chat server instead of the game nickname on the game server. The nickname can be changed on the Discord server. The option to change nickname can be accessed through several methods. It can easily be changed several times. However, this is only possible if the user has permission to change the nickname on this server.

Change nickname in discord

Change your nickname on a server

The nickname feature is only available for servers. You can customize your name differently on each server you are on. Some servers may have permission to change nicknames disabled. You cannot change your nickname without server authorization.

Discord server admins can also change the nickname of other users on that server. This can be useful for renaming users with incorrect nicknames. To check out different methods of changing nicknames on Discord servers, follow these steps:

  1. Open minded discord the application by double-clicking the shortcut or searching for it using the Windows search function.
  2. Now select the server in the left pane where you want to change the nickname. Click on that server name and choose the change nickname option in the context menu.
    Change nickname in the server context menu
  3. Now just write a New Nickname for you and click on the Save on computer button to apply it.
    change nickname
  4. You can also access this option by right-clicking the user in the right pane and selecting the option change nickname Possibility.
    Change the nickname of a user list
  5. Another method is to simply right-click the username in the message area and choose the change nickname Possibility.
    Change nickname from chat
  6. You can also change your nickname with a organized in the news area. Enter the following command and then enter your new nickname and press come in apply key.
    /nick Appuals
    Change nickname by command

Nickname and username on Discord are two different names. Usernames work a little differently than nicknames on Discord. Your friends list can see the username in DMs and friends list. Unlike nickname, you cannot have different usernames for different servers.


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