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If you navigated to the help menu of the poorYou may have encountered a screen that explains “there is a secret way to change the color of your fighter”.

And while Nintendo is good at making games that have hidden secrets like this to help players chat and share tips, some players just want to jump into the game and see their favorite character in special colors.

The process is simple, but it’s not even immediately obvious if you’re deciding on a new color to begin with. You won’t know until you choose your character. Over time, you’ll know how to access your favorite color every time.



Some of these colors are stunning.
Nintendo over Polygon

In each mode where you choose your character:

  1. Start by highlighting your character.
  2. Click on the left analog stick.
  3. Hold down the left analog stick and move it left, down, or right.
  4. Hold down the left analog stick and press the button to select your character.

Depending on which direction you hold, you will get one of four colors. If you want the original color, there is nothing you can do or wait. You can also change the color of your opponent (computer) as you can see in the image below.


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