How to break Preying Picantises in Bugsnax

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One of several quests that you must complete for the Mysterious shelda requires you to “break” one of the Bugsnax. This is the first time he’s been asked to do something like this, and it’s not immediately clear how.

In this Bugnax In this guide we will show you the simple steps to follow to separate these “brittle” creatures.

How to break a predatory picantis

To find a Preying Picantis, you must first unlock them sizzling sand Come back chrome to the city repairing their bridge.

To get to the desert area of ​​the island, go to the bridge you repaired burned throat. you will find yourself there sheldaIn doing so, you will be asked to perform various tasks, one of which requires you to “break” a Preying Picantis.

If you scan and get information about a Preying Picantis, you will see that it has the “fragile” keyword. Bugsnax of this type can be crushed, transforming them into different types of creatures.


This “brittle” Bugsnak is actually a couple of creatures in one
Image: Young horses over polygon

When looking to crush a Preying Picantis, your first instinct might be to lure it to the Loaded Spuddy with hot sauce or cheese. Although the two creatures fight side by side, their fights won’t break the creature.

To defeat a Preying Picantis, you must use the pool of water in the middle of Sizzlin’ Sands.

To separate the fragile snake, first get close enough for the prey Picantis to notice you. Once he starts following you, take him to the water. As soon as he gets wet, a countdown will appear over his head. He will become aggressive and attack you or a nearby Bugsnax.

Keep moving away from him until the countdown ends. Once this is done it will explode into several different Bugsnax. If it explodes, the snake is considered broken. Do this twice to complete The Legend of Shelda quest.

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