How to be a good visitor in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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When you visit the islands of other peoples Animal Crossing: New HorizonsIt is important to be a good guest.

There are a few things to keep in mind when visiting a stranger’s (or even a friend’s) island. Of course, your island host might not care, so it’s important to talk to them about their island rules. While they might not mind if their flowers are stepped on, they might if you pick up spare materials left by a workbench. It’s all about communication, baby!

When you go to a stranger’s island, keep the following in mind:

Don’t take anything without asking

Whether it’s fruit or flowers, shop furniture or even items left on the floor, don’t take anything without permission. Most people will be happy to share their fruits and flowers, but some will want to keep them to themselves until they can grow more.

Don’t step on the flowers

Be careful where you walk. Although some people don’t mind, running in flower or hybrid gardens is generally a big no-go. Unlike previous games, the flowers grow back in a day instead of dying forever in the void, so it’s not as overwhelming, but it’s still a bit off-putting.

Notify people when you’re in and out

Fish, balloons and even insects can disappear as people come and go to the island. It can be devastating for those looking to catch a big fish, catch a rare bug, or shoot something out of the sky. If you can communicate clearly when you arrive and depart, you should do so.

Leave the beet ends


Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo via Polygon

Nobody asks or expects this, but if you sell your turnips on another island, you should tip the island owner. There’s no set amount, but since this person allows you (and maybe others) to enjoy good prizes, it’s a nice touch. Sometimes hosting other people to sell turnips can be a hassle due to the lengthy process that happens with people coming and going. It can be even more painful when you have to make multiple trips to sell all your greenery.

Close the windows when the game prompts you to do so.

Yes, it’s annoying that the game has that weird cutscene while people are loading, but it’s necessary. Close your windows and stop what you’re doing to make the process as painless as possible for everyone.

Bring a thank you

It’s also not required, but it’s okay to bring fruit, flowers, or any other odd items that the person might be looking for. Ask what items or materials people might like before entering!


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