How much does external wall insulation cost?

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  • Insulating the exterior walls of your home is an effective way to lower the temperature needed to keep your room warm and comfortable. But how much does it cost to install EWI? How much can you save on electricity bills?

    Exterior wall insulation is generally more expensive than hollow and interior wall insulation. However, if a qualified and tested installer inspects your property and finds it to be the best option, it’s a great way to improve your home’s thermal performance. Here’s a guide to what you need to budget for EWI and why incentives vary.

    How much does exterior wall insulation cost?

    Nigel Donohue, chief executive of Insulation Assurance, said: “Budget around £7,000 to £15,000 to insulate your exterior walls.. This is a wide range, but costs vary widely as each installation is unique.

    Energy Saving Fund (EST) Statistics Related: It says the typical cost of installing exterior wall insulation in a three-bedroom semi-detached house is around £10,000.

    In terms of saving on energy bills, EST said installing EWI could save £255 a year (based on November 2021 fuel prices). With household bills soaring, future installation costs are unpredictable. However, you can be sure that insulating the exterior walls will result in a smaller bill than not insulating the walls.

    Please note that the cost of the project will vary based on the custom requirements of your home. The price of the insulation itself isn’t the only factor that fits your budget, so find out what’s included in the deal so you can compare your preferences.

    These are the main factors that affect the total cost of an EWI project:

    • A survey to assess which insulation and finishes are best for your home and what work is required before installation
    • Elements in your home such as plumbing, gutters, etc. can be removed/replaced.
    • Installation price
    • Insulation Types, Wall Tapes and Fasteners
    • Wall finishes such as plaster, decorative tiles, etc.
    • Any new ventilation needed to maintain a healthy moisture balance in your home

    How much does it cost to thermally insulate an exterior wall?

    Rigid board insulation is often a vapor barrier option such as EPS, PUR or PIR. Available only, EPS panels typically cost around £9/m².

    “A complete installation using 90mm thick EPS costs an average of £130 per square metre, Covers all possible work to extend plumbing and electrical equipment, scaffolding, a 25-year warranty and silicone finishes,” said Danielle Belton, UK Energy Efficiency Program Director.. On a 100sqm property this would be £13,000.

    How much does it cost to insulate an exterior wall with mineral wool?

    It’s made of the same material as the insulated coils you see on guitars, but compressed and stiff. EWI mineral wool is generally more expensive than EPS – Danielle offers £140/m² for all work including silicone cutting. The total cost of this hypothetical 100sqm house is £14,000.

    How much does fiberboard for insulating exterior walls cost?

    The supply cost of wood fibre patches for supply is only around £19 per square metre, more than double the price of regular EPS. Installation must be performed by personnel trained to use the system. So you can expect to pay a little more but benefit from the use of natural, breathable and durable materials.

    How much does it cost to remove insulation from exterior walls?

    If your exterior wall insulation is installed by a qualified professional who uses the correct materials for your home, you should have no problems with your EWI installation. .

    “It’s very unusual for EWI to be discarded, and prices can vary greatly depending on the type of system and what’s happening,” says Danielle Belton. “The only time I’ve heard of it being removed is due to poor workmanship and improper installation. That’s why it’s so important to choose a qualified installer that offers an independent 25-year warranty, such as SWIGA or IAA.’

    Is Exterior Wall Insulation Worth It?

    Installing exterior wall insulation is an expensive project that can take years (if any) to recoup your investment. According to EST figures, after a £255 saving, it would take 39 years to get back to a typical £10,000 setup.

    In a 2018 government survey of several properties with exterior insulation added, property values ​​increased by an average of 3%*. Therefore, the amount you spend may affect the market value of your home, but this is not guaranteed.

    Other improvements, as well as insulation projects, are more likely to increase property value, such as replacing windows, adding extensions, etc. Doing other work while also providing better value to the coin. Money such as roof renovations means you have to pay for the scaffolding once.

    Is money your only motivation? Improving the efficiency of your home, especially when using natural materials, will significantly improve your property’s carbon footprint. So, if durability is the focus of your renovation, you can see good value for money when it comes to exterior insulation.

    For the best results in terms of energy savings, increasing the efficiency of the walls is part of a larger plan to increase the thermal efficiency of the home. For example, EWI could be a first step, and plans are in the future to add roof insulation and install renewable technologies to run district heating.

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