Horizon Zero Dawn guide: 9 tips for the apocalypse

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As we mentioned in our Horizon zero dawn guide for beginners, Horizon zero dawn is excellent at guiding you through its mechanics and nuances. There isn’t much that isn’t explained to you directly on the screen. However, this does not mean that you will have an immediate or innate understanding of every mechanism or system. There are still things you will forget, ignore, or fight.

Let’s talk about some habits you can adopt to be more efficient and some questions you might have about the game that stopped working.)

hunt animals


You can focus on searching for animals and tagging them to make hunting easier.

Given the choice to chase a fire-breathing school bus-sized robotic bunny or bison, we know what you’ll choose. But after you’re done with the bison, don’t forget about the rabbit. Les animaux fournisset des objets très utiles – de la viande pour des potions de santé et des améliorations de capacité de transport, de la peau et des os pour des améliorations de capacité et divers talismans (talismans?) Qui peuvent être vendus contre de l’ Money.

It’s tempting to ignore animal hunting, but you’ll end up in dire need of a rat bone. If you make a habit of gathering animal resources, you can afford upgrades without running around too much.

collect everything

All. All. Expand your resource bag so you can collect more. everything in it Horizon zero dawn It’s useful, and keeping it saves you time.

You’ll constantly be crafting ammo with increasingly rare components, selling stuff for cash, and trading stuff (and cash) for new outfits and weapons. A healthy inventory saves you from collecting things in response to a need.

Here’s why: Sometimes you need a certain thing (like a fox pelt) and that thing is a very rare drop. You can go out and start killing foxes until you get one, and there’s nothing wrong with being so reactive, but relying on luck to get this rare drop. However, if you hunt animals and collect everything, you probably already have a fox fur and will save yourself a lot of time and frustration.

Create jobs for anything you want


This fox fur is a real example. It has become our white whale.

Every crafting item and every item sold at vendors has the ability to “create a job” for it. This will make that item’s cost a quest (you can find it under groceries in your quest menu). The goal of this new mission will be to collect everything you need to buy what you are looking for. It’s a great way to remind yourself of things like “Do I need three or four fox pelts?” and “How many more rat bones do I need?”

So now my inventory is full. Do I have to do this?

Assuming you followed our advice above. and all collected. Before long, you’ll find yourself with an inventory full of stuff and no room for more. So what are you doing here?

  • spend it. Look for carrying capacity upgrades for your resource bag and any other bags, shells, and pouches you have. These can be expensive and require a lot of resources. Prepare potions and traps and load up all your ammo. This will likely free up a few more slots.
  • Sell ​​it to a dealer. First, look for items that only mention “Sell Junk” in the “Used For” section. These items are just money in your pocket. Next, write down the resources required to purchase the next item on your wish list. Review your capacity upgrades and see what’s needed. Chances are these things don’t need 17 locator lenses. sell them
  • But don’t freak out. Don’t sell everything you carry with you fight club-like statement about the things you own, you own. It’s probably a good idea to save one or two of most things for a rainy day. But if you end up with four slots full of Walker Hearts and haven’t spent a single one yet, you’re probably safe to dispose of them.
  • drop things. When you’re in the middle of a difficult search and can’t reach a retailer, you have a tough decision to make. Go through your inventory and think about what you’re really using. If you have two Fire Furnace Root slots but have never downed a single Flame Resistance Potion, you can probably free up a slot or two. Or, and speaking from experience, it might be time to admit that 2500 sticks is probably too much and you should cut back.
  • But be careful when selling (or throwing away) something like this. Cash make ammo. The strongest weapons eat these items quickly. When you have 1,000 cans of Blaze, it’s tempting to think you have too many. But then you end up with a new weapon that eats fire like crazy and you’ll regret selling it. (Again, we’re talking about experience.)
  • Learn the meaning of the colors of the symbols.. The icons that appear on your screen to mark resources and the resource icons (and weapons, outfits, and mods) in your various menus are color-coded based on the rarity of the item. White is common, blue is rare, and purple is very rare. If you’re short on inventory space, very rare purple items should probably take precedence over green rare items.
  • Don’t forget the redemption option at merchants. Each trader gives you the opportunity to buy back (for a fee) the last things you sold to any trader. Here’s how he gets out of O. Henry situations: he accidentally sells a coin he needs to get money, then realizes he needs that coin to trade as well.

Use changes (and make surehello you are the best you have)


Some changes have multiple effects.

Mods come in two flavors: Coils for weapons and Weaves for outfits. They add an effect, additional type of damage, or resistance to whatever you put them on. That’s the problem with edits.

Don’t forget to come back from time to time to make sure you have the best mods installed. You will collect a lot of them and sometimes forget that you only have common mods installed on this outfit that you rarely use.

As you get more and more powerful mods, it makes sense to have multiple versions of the same weapon or outfit, each with different mods. You can have a Hunting Bow, which also deals an insane amount of Frost damage, as well as one modified to rip armor.

I keep dying, what can I do differently?

Check your outfits first. Are you still burning alive? Do you have equipment with high flame retardancy (either by design or by modifications you installed)? Looking good is important, not looking hot is more important. If you haven’t bought any additional outfits yet, take the time to expand your wardrobe.

And don’t forget your potions. Use them to increase your resistance to elemental damage and fill up your medi-kit.

When all else fails, run away. You can abandon quests until you get better gear or level up. not really to need to fight this fire-breathing bus-sized bison robot. Get out and regroup. Find some side quests and errands to earn XP before heading back into battle.

Combat can be nerve-wracking or ridiculously easy.

As you encounter bigger and worse machines throughout the game, they become bullet sponges for your standard darts. You can spend 20 minutes running for your life and firing random shots while slowly eroding the machine’s hitpoints, or you can use your focus data and end the fight much faster.

Those vulnerabilities you’re highlighting aren’t just for show. Be careful and use your weapons accordingly. A well-placed fire arrow or three fire shots can wipe out an entire herd of herbivores. And don’t forget that once you scan a machine, this information is stored on your laptop.

Or, as in the video above, skillful use of ammo can knock out a magazine in just three shots. The first shot is a fire arrow in a flame cartridge. The second two are high fissure damage arrows on the horns (plus a shot that flared). Instead of lots of dodging, throwing, and frustration, the fight is over before it even begins.

Don’t specialize in the skill tree.

In each category there are useful and indispensable skills. You don’t feel like you have to specialize. Mélangez et associez les compétences que conviennt le mieux à votre jeu. And rappelez-vous qu’il consist of names, the Secondaires et courses que vous récompensent avec un Point de Compétence en plus de XP – vous n’êtes donc pas vraiment limited for the Prize. (By the time we reached level 40, we had bought 29 of them horizon zeroOh sunrise36 years old.)

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