Horizon Forbidden West guide: God of War (War Totems) secret collectibles locations

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In this Forbidden Horizon West war totem Guide we will show you the location on the map of the three God of War secret war totem collectibles and we’ll show you the complexion You get rewards for collecting all three.

Forbidden Horizon WestWar Totems are small wooden totems representing Kratos (war totem), Atreus (youth totem) and Brok and Sindri (Brotherhood totems) from God of War.

Horizon Banted Western War Totems locations


There are three War Totems to collect. Forbidden Horizon West (One of the places has a couple of totem poles).

Horizon Forbidden West War Totem Location

Directly west of the west exit of the Sheerside Mountains Sunken Cavesearch for one Sunwing engine side near the top of a waterfall. There is a small shack on the north side of the river that you can see if you zoom the map fully.

When you reach the cabin you will face a couple sun wings and a stalker, so prepare yourself. Once they’re out of the way, search the scale-like area on the right side of the cabin for the one war totem.

Horizon Forbidden West Youth Totem location

On the southwest edge of the map is an area called the Isle of Spiers. Search It Stormbird machine page northwest of the main island.

There is a rusty school bus just east of the Stormbird compound. A little further south, another school bus is under a rusty metal wreck with a grip point high. Climb to the top of the ruin to find it youth totem.

Horizon Forbidden West Totems of Brotherhood location

In the southeast of the map there is a small island in the lake, not far from the entrance the spinal fracture Tunnel. There is a Frost Glinthawk Machine Site on top of the rocky island.

On the shore of the lake north of this island you will find a dead man Big mouth with a heavy hammer embedded in his head. Examine the hammer and you can highlight an advantage. Follow this path to the east side of the island to find the Brotherhood totems in a small cave there.

Warmak face paint


Special Mark of War face paint.
Image: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Once you collect all three war totemsyou will win Warmak face paint. Go to a Tenakth settlement and find it painter where you can apply Mark of War face paint for 10 shards.

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