Horizon Forbidden West guide: Black box locations

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In this Forbidden Horizon West Black Box Map Location Guide, we will show you the location of all 12 black boxes in Daunt and West Banned.

Forbidden Horizon West Black boxes are Old World flight data recorders that hold special cultural significance to the Tenakth.

Horizon Forbidden West Black Box locations


Forbidden Horizon West Black Box Locations.
Graphics: Jeffrey Parkin | Credit: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment

There are 12 black boxes in it Forbidden Horizon West located in the promontory, Whitewatch pickaxes, no mans land, deep interlocking, bleeding signs, sip of salt, the memorial grove, the calm sand, bone-white tear, guard post, the trail of rain, Island of Spikes.

Although you can find Black Boxes early in The Daunt, you can’t do anything with them until you reach The Memorial Grove in the middle of the map. On the seventh main quest. “The Broken Sky” You will meet a Tenakth woman named Untalla the memorial grove. She will explain what black boxes are and why they are important to her tribe.

If you collect them, you can give them to them in exchange for a valuable upgrade. Means.

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