Homeowner wows with DIY version of latest feature wall trend – and the results are stunning!

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  • This bedroom makeover is a great example of how expensive it is to do it yourself. Because this homeowner modeled the latest interior design trends for his bedroom without paying any wages.

    Calsey Banks from Birmingham was inspired by an image she saw on Instagram of a wood panelled wall. He bravely took on the task himself and was able to create his own beautiful Scandinavian panel out of 150 cougars instead of paying the builder the £300 he offered.

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    make your own plank wall

    “My inspiration came from Instagram. I’ve seen several accounts using this kind of dashboard, and I knew I wanted it,” Calsey told the latest deal. “I’ve seen a lot of companies doing stupid billing, so I thought I’d do it myself. I’ve done a lot of self-employment so I know I can do it without any difficulty.

    “If someone did this for me, it would cost me around £300.” Instead, he decided to go the DIY route, explaining: “I use B&Q MDF tape and nail-free glue to attach them to the wall.”

    “I’m glad I did it myself,” he muses, “because not only did I save money, I packed, finished the shelf and cut it myself.” A visible shelf on the right side of the wall provides a reflective border to Increase visual appeal.

    How to Make a Wooden Wall

    “The most important piece of advice I can give you is don’t be afraid to try it yourself,” Calsey says. Added “You don’t need any tools to create this look – I just used a chainsaw to cut the MDF to size.”

    Kalsi bought the ribbons and cut them together. He then glued them to the wall with fire-resistant glue, making sure there was equal space between each strip.

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    To ensure the design was perfectly positioned, Calsey used a divider to measure the distance.

    Once all the strips were in place, Calsey painted them with Craig and Rose Paint’s Regency Cream.

    After all the editing was done, Calsey decided to add the character to the bookshelf. “I just fixed them to the wall at different angles to create the final look,” he explained. Well done, Bravo Calsey.

    More inspiration from planks…

    Just use #woodpaneling to get inspired by the stunning walls on offer. Great place to find more inspiration. (As if Calsey’s bedroom walls weren’t enough?!)

    The above is a great example of how this popular wall trend can stand out in both dining rooms and bedrooms. Style Tips: Use the spacing between the wood strips to create a look that matches your home.

    Behind the bed in the bedroom, this Scandinavian-inspired wood wall is a cozy place.

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    Feeling inspired to create your own wood wall?

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