Hitman 3 Carpathian Mountains shortcuts guide

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In this hit man 3 Carpathian Shortcuts Guide, we will show you how to find the location of each shortcut. You don’t need a crowbar to open any of the shortcuts in the Carpathians.

Abbreviation for car door

After passing the section with three woodpiles, you will come to a car with a workbench where you can craft a weapon with a silencer. The next piece is a passenger car. Inside, look for a door with the telltale yellow bars. Ignore it for now and move on to the next car.

Climb through the first available window on the left and backtrack along the ledge until you reach an ice-free area. Get on and continue in the same direction, now on top of the train. If you get to the next section with no ice, drop down and enter through the window. You’ll find some pistols and the shortcut for the car door.

Direct access to the container door

After going through a car with computers, ammo, and a frag grenade, open the door to reveal a green shipping container with a yellow mesh door. Get on the container and continue past a guard.

If you have a pickaxe or crowbar, pick the lock to get into the next car and grab the yellow valve. If it isn’t, climb onto the container, then go over it twice and grab the yellow valve.

With the valve in hand, head back to find the back of the container with the yellow mesh door. Insert the valve and twist to open the container. Enter and open the door with yellow bars to open the container door shortcut.

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