Halloween Paper Chains

Take Halloween classroom decorating to a new level by making Halloween paper chains – you can make these using the printable tool we have in our members area or just use paper and imagination.

You can combine this Halloween paper chain with any of the many Halloween crafts and decoration ideas that we have on our website.


There are lots of fun characters for your kids to create: jack-o’-lanterns are probably the coolest, but black cats are also whimsical (oh, and vampires would look pretty cute too).

This can be a wonderful class project for kids. Have each student make a piece of the chain, and then connect all the pieces to make a giant paper chain. A friendly and fun Halloween classroom decoration.

Get the printable version here.


Are you ready to start making your Halloween paper chain? Let’s be smart!


How to make a Halloween paper chain

What do you need:

Step by step instructions


Start by cutting strips of paper about 2 inches wide and 8.5 inches long.

They don’t have to be the exact size, just a little bit so the loops will match up when you make the paper chain.


make a pumpkin

We’ll start with the pumpkin first.

Take green paper and cut out a leaf shape and a small rectangle.

Draw a carved pumpkin face in the center of the orange strip of paper.


Wrap it with the orange stripe and secure with tape.


Attach the leaf and stem to the paper loop with glue or tape.


make a cat

Let’s make a black halloween cat in the future. Glue two googly eyes or googly stickers to the black paper strips.

If you’re working on lighter black paper, use a black marker to draw the nose and mouth (use a white gel pen if you’re working on darker paper).


Cut 6 short, thin strips of paper from the white paper. Stick them next to the nose, we have mustaches.


Next we’ll make a pair of ears.

Cut two small triangles out of black paper for the ears.

Use tape on the back of the ears to attach to the black ribbon; Using school glue works just as well.

Roll up the paper and tape the ends.


make a monster

The last piece of the Halloween paper chain is Frankenstein’s monster.

Add all the spooky details this monster needs – including the haircut (can be drawn or glued on).


When you cut her hair, make a rectangle out of the black paper and give her a jagged finish on one edge for her hair. Glue on the head.

Strap on your Frankenstein and tape to finish.


Well to join them. Cut two strips of paper.

Use them to connect the three Halloween friends. Add tape to connect the characters with the simple links; This will make all your Halloween characters happy.


The Halloween People paper chain is ready!


Nice not!

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