Halloween Crafts for Kindergarten

Halloween is a wonderful holiday (well, almost a season) to do crafts with your little ones! We’ve put together a list of Halloween crafts for kindergarten to help teachers and parents choose skill- and age-appropriate crafts to help you plan your craft lessons.

Fun and easy Halloween crafts for kindergarten

However, keep in mind that kindergarten ages can vary from state to state (and country to country), and even in the classroom, the difference in skill levels can vary from one student to another (or generation), so some of the ideas may need to vary slightly modified (after all, that’s what they are: ideas and inspiration) to better suit your child and their class.

Some of the Halloween craft ideas listed here, while really fun for preschoolers, aren’t best for the classroom because of the use of objects like rocks and jars. Most of the creations here are quick and easy to make.

Halloween crafts for kindergarten.

We can’t throw a clever Halloween-themed party without some preschool monster crafts! Paper rolls are a lot of fun (if you are working in a classroom you can use kitchen paper rolls cut into shorter rolls or buy craft rolls at a craft store, toilet paper rolls are perfect for home use). You can also make craft paper rolls or have your students make them.

What we love about creating toilet paper monsters is that you can get as silly as you want with them! There is no right or wrong way to decorate your monster ship, it’s really a very open-ended project as far as crafting goes. And if you plan to make them in a classroom, imagine the wonderfully spooky army of monsters your kindergarten kids will create.

Cute Paper Roll Monster Halloween Crafts for Kids

Check out how to make these paper roll monsters here.

art collage paper

Ripped paper collage art is great for preschool (or any age really) – kids love to tear paper! You can make all sorts of wonderful Halloween crafts, from ghosts to candy corn.

Candy Corn torn paper art

Jack o’ Lantern sun catcher

suncatcher! Autumn offers enough sunshine to really make them shine. All you need is a piece of black paper – show the kids how to make the outline as most can cut it out themselves. Stick it on self-adhesive paper and have the kids tear and stick tissue paper on the sun catcher.

These will look great in the classroom (or home) windows.
Pumpkin Dream Catcher

Paper pumpkins

Paper balls are great for scissor training and fine motor skills. Your kids can make paper pumpkins or jack’o’lanterns (you may need to make some cutouts for the pumpkin head decorations).

Jack o' Lantern paper craftCheck out how to make pumpkin paper balls

cotton ball ghost

This cotton ball ghost craft offers a fun sensory experience and is definitely one to add to your craft list.


painted rocks

Making rock monsters is incredibly fun, but it might not be the best crafting idea for the class (unless you have a very small class) because there’s always a chance for a rock to grab its wings and roam the classroom flies. This is perfect for a craft project at home or to do after school with your preschooler.

monster cave paintingSee our painted stones here

mummy jar

This is great to do at home. If you want to do this in class, you can recycle plastic bottles or use paper cups instead of a mason jar.

mummy jar

spider pupa

Love them or scare them, spiders are often a fun topic for young children! This spider craft for kindergarten is quite easy to make (we also have a template that can be colored or used as a template) and since it’s not only a craft but also a doll for kids to play with, it will be fun a while. .

Spider Paper Puppet Model for ChildrenGet the template for this craft here.

spoon puppets

Let your kids turn ordinary wooden spoons into all sorts of crazy monsters. So cool Halloween crafts for kindergarten because they can have a scary puppet show after crafting.

Vampire handmade wooden spoon

Easy Halloween crafts for kindergarten

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Fun Halloween crafts for kindergarten

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