Hades guide: Maximize damage with Boons, Talents, and upgrades


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Your basic attacks on underworld are easy to understand: it’s really just an attack and a special version of the attack. In addition, however, all his talent (skills or abilities), advantageY weapon upgrades combine and add extra damage.

In this underworld In this guide, we’ll show you how your attacks and buffs work together to help you deal more damage and clear rooms faster.

damage stack

The damage you cause underworld It starts with your weapon, but it doesn’t end there. This is how we think about it:

Damage = Weapon Attack + Weapon Upgrades + Talents + Positioning + Perks + Items

underworld does this calculation in the background so you see a formula like this. Just focus on everything to the right of the equals sign. Fill in the blanks and you create your own formula that deals the most damage possible.

Here’s a video where we combine everything we wrote above to clean a room in about 20 seconds.

In the next section, we’ll show you exactly how we did it, combining the effects of the first two talents.

Shadow Presence + Boiling Blood

Talents are permanent Zagreus upgrades that you purchase from the Night’s Mirror. Unlock them and they’ll work forever, making them more basic abilities than temporary buffs like boons and items.

Talents are timeless and determine your most destructive fighting style. Perks and items are short-term bonuses only.

The first talent (skill or ability) on your Night Mirror will be called shadow presence. This adds 10% damage per range when attacking an enemy from behind. For example, you deal 20 damage when attacking from the front with Stygian Blade and 22 damage when attacking from behind. Fully upgraded, this talent adds 50% causing Backstab to deal 30 damage.

Once you have unlocked the second set of talents in Night Mirror (with 5 Chthonic Keys) you can start using them boiling blood Also. Throwing an enemy deals your base 50 damage and the red diamond ammo sticks to them. With Blood Boil, enemies hit by the enchantment take 10% more damage per range. Like Shadow Presence, this turns a 20 damage attack into 30 when fully leveled.

Using Shadowy Presence and Boiling Blood at the same time will stack these bonuses. Throw it at an enemy to mark them, then attack them from behind. Shadowy Presence (Backstab) bonus damage plus Boiling Blood (tagged Cast) bonus converts your attack from 20 to 40 damage, fully doubled.

Depending on the weapon used, your dash attack (a dash followed by an attack) can deal additional damage. For example, the Stygian Blade deals 30 damage with a quick attack. Shadow Presence and Blood Boil’s damage bonuses also stack for this damage, meaning you now deal 60 damage when stabbing from behind (plus anything you gain except boons).

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