Hades guide: Glowing purple weapons, explained

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Choose a weapon underworld It can be as simple as picking your favorite. Sometimes however underworld want you to change it

In this underworld Guide, we’ll tell you what it means when a weapon glows purple in the armory room (the room behind Zagreus’ room).

Purple weapons gain additional darkness.

Once you’ve unlocked some of the weapons in the Arsenal room, one of them might look different the next time you come back. A weapon that glows purple and is surrounded by a purple cloud will give you a bonus if you use it on your next run.

As you get closer, you’ll see a hint at the bottom of the screen with “+20%” and the darkness icon. Surprisingly, equipping this weapon gives you 20% more Darkness every time you pick it up. (If you don’t equip this weapon, you still gain Darkness normally.)

Choosing this weapon is a great way to gain Darkness faster so you can level up your Mirror of Darkness talents (skills or abilities).

Hades guide

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    • Duo benefits
    • god away
    • contractor
    • Regards
    • nectar
    • Titan blood, weapon skins and upgrades
    • talent
    • Upgrade Items: Nectar, Memories, and Ambrosia
    • pathetic runner
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